Liberal Apologists Slammed For Pathetic Attempt To Blame Canada’s Rising Political Divisions Solely On Conservatives

The arrogance and self-righteousness of the Liberals has blinded them to their own role in dividing Canadians against each other.

With political division in Canada rising, the Liberals are attempting to blame those divisions solely on Conservatives.

When Liberal apologists – including Scott Gilmore – tried to pin the blame on the Conservatives, Canadians quickly pushed back.

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel – who was recently attacked by an obsessive Trudeau fan for wearing a dress in the House of Commons – slammed the hypocrisy of the Liberal apologists.

Here’s what Gilmore said:

“CPC pols will automatically dismiss this with “both sides do it”, “not as bad as media claims”, “just a fact of life”.

But, the smart ones know this is all true. Deep inside, a tiny spark of conscience must still burn. Will any of them finally step up and condemn the rhetoric?”

And here’s how Rempel responded:

“I’ve done it. Now you do Tabarra, Tootoo, Hehr, Kang, Trudeau, the bot accounts that spent their day insinuating that I was a whore for wearing a summer dress in the HoC yesterday, and the threats I get from your side. Enough. No one is pure. This bullshit spin makes it worse.”

Rempel is pointing something out that the establishment media almost always ignores:

The Liberals are often the most vicious and partisan out of everybody, yet they are so hypocritical and self-righteous that they have seemingly convinced themselves that everybody else is the problem.

These actions by the Liberals are a classic case of ‘projection,’ where people project their own flaws and failings on others.

The Liberals have been in power for nearly half a decade now, and Canada is more divided than ever before. Western separatism is rising, the Bloc surged back to relevance and strength in Quebec, identity politics is seeking to wipe away unifying national values and replace it with race-based anger and division, and politics has become much more angry than we’ve seen in a long-time.

Yet, despite being in power during this time, and despite being responsible for many of these divisions, the Liberals refuse to acknowledge their own role, and instead blame everyone else.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


The media is being co-opted by the radical left, and paid off by the Liberals. Without Independent voices like Spencer Fernando, the truth will be silenced. If you want to support Spencer’s Independent perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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Stuart Evans

Canada’s Trudeau today is the mirror image of the States’ Biden. Utterly out of touch with reality, and totally beyond salvage. Projection is indeed the name of the blame game. The Liberals and the Dems are reading from the same destructive play book. Remember Trudeau’s secret trip to NY just before Canada’s the last election? The puppet went to get new strings attached….

Don Mustill

Chalk it all up mostly to bitter frustration with Canadians of all stripes. That’s what happens when you divide a country – when you call Canadians “un-Canadian” and racists……when you call anyone who is opposed to a carbon tax a “Climate Denier”……when you try to subvert justice for political gain like SNC…..when you continually thumb your nose at ethics…..when you are a complete embarrassment to your country on the world stage…..and when you repeatedly lie to Canadians. You reap what you sow.

Douglas Robilliard

One large heap of stinking camel shyt is what the libs are! nothing more! probably could not even grow a carrot in all the camel crap they spew!

Ila McLachlan

You kick ass now if other Canadians would put their boots on we could put Canada back on the road of truth ..honesty..commitment.and integrity. Lets go back and remember what politics is.. PUBLIC SERVICE..PUBLIC accountability. Politics is a service choice NOT A CAREER ADVANCEMENT or backroom OPPORTUNITIES. Like truduea family and friends

Balanced Integer

Democrats play the same games south of the 49th: Projection. Fearmongering. Gaslighting. The Left’s playbook transcends borders.