POLL: Liberals Fall BEHIND Conservatives

With scandals endlessly piling up, the Liberals continue to hemorrhage support.

A new Campaign Research survey shows the Liberals falling behind the Conservatives, as scandals take their toll on Liberal support.

The Liberals – who just a month ago were riding high in numerous polls – have fallen to just 30% support.

Amazingly, despite having distributed gigantic sums of money around the country, the Liberals have now dropped below the Conservatives, even as the Conservatives are without a permanent leader.

Here are the results:

Conservatives – 33%

Liberals – 30%

NDP – 18%

Greens – 8%

Bloc – 7%

These results have the Liberals down 3 points from their total in 2019, with the Conservatives down 1 point.

In short, the Liberals and Justin Trudeau are reverting to where they were before the CCP Virus Pandemic: An unpopular, divisive political party with the vast majority of Canadians against them.

Trudeau’s time in office has shown a consistent and undeniable trend:

The more Canadians see Justin Trudeau in office, the less they approve of him, and the more they oppose the Liberals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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