POLL: Liberals Fall BEHIND Conservatives

With scandals endlessly piling up, the Liberals continue to hemorrhage support.

A new Campaign Research survey shows the Liberals falling behind the Conservatives, as scandals take their toll on Liberal support.

The Liberals – who just a month ago were riding high in numerous polls – have fallen to just 30% support.

Amazingly, despite having distributed gigantic sums of money around the country, the Liberals have now dropped below the Conservatives, even as the Conservatives are without a permanent leader.

Here are the results:

Conservatives – 33%

Liberals – 30%

NDP – 18%

Greens – 8%

Bloc – 7%

These results have the Liberals down 3 points from their total in 2019, with the Conservatives down 1 point.

In short, the Liberals and Justin Trudeau are reverting to where they were before the CCP Virus Pandemic: An unpopular, divisive political party with the vast majority of Canadians against them.

Trudeau’s time in office has shown a consistent and undeniable trend:

The more Canadians see Justin Trudeau in office, the less they approve of him, and the more they oppose the Liberals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Garlet Farlett

Best news I’ve heard in a while! These criminals need to go.


Liberals should be far below 30% in the Polls. With all the Destruction and Corruption that they have caused to Canada and Canadians, this Corrupt Liberal Party should No longer have the Support of Hard Working Canadians. These Liberal Bastards have NOT been working for Canadians. They have Stealing all our Hard Worked Money and giving it to themselves, Terrorist Countries and their Friends. Canadians want Corrupt Trudeau and his Corrupt Cronies GONE Now! NO More Destruction of this ONCE Wonderful Nation will be Tolerated by Canadians! ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!


Watch the Liberals oust Montreal bring in Carney from BoEngland then raise him to PM


So those people voting Left are voting against having a country and democracy and want a post national state, no borders, huge debt, corruption and crime, de-funding the police and no prisons, chaos and anarchy, no property ownership or rights, no freedom of speech, etc. and love being lied to and want a dictatorship or equivalent ? Are there really so many fooled, unthinking or naive and blind people etc. who have not seen how much destruction and division and death have been caused by these elitist lefty one world government ? You are, and have been TRAITORS to our… Read more »


Why do you think he’s been nowhere near Parliament lately?