CORRUPT & DIVISIVE: Establishment Media Now Trying To Rewrite History, Blame Conservatives (Who Were Calling For Border Closures Long Before They Were Implemented) For Spreading Coronavirus

The media elites complain about anger and division in the nation, and then spread divisive BS that makes things worse.

We knew it was only a matter of time.

After giving cover to the endless failures by the Trudeau Liberals, after lying, after spreading misinformation, the establishment press has now ended up where they always wanted to be:

Blaming Conservatives for spreading the Coronavirus.

Here’s a Tweet from the National Post:

“If you’re under 35, not college educated and voted Conservative in the last election, you’re more likely to be a cynical spreader, according to a new poll.”


Conservatives are being attacked as ‘cynical spreaders’ of the China Communist Party virus.

This is not only disgusting, but it is totally false.

Remember, for months and months, the Liberals and the ‘experts’ constantly changed their advice.

For months, the Liberals told us the ‘risk was low,’ saying the virus wouldn’t spread in Canada.

They said border closures were wrong.

They said it was ‘racist’ to want travel bans from China.

They said masks didn’t help.

They said ‘stigma’ was a bigger threat.

They said ‘racism’ was the biggest virus.

They refused to listen to people like you who wanted our borders shut.

They ignored Conservative MPs who sought to restrict travel from China.

They told us “border closures cause harm,” then completely flipped around and said border closures “save lives,” after wasting weeks.

And then, after their failure to protect the nation, they exploited the crisis to expand their power, silence critics, and assume further and further control.

The corrupt and divisive media expects us to forget all of this.

Instead, they expect us to somehow blame Conservatives for the virus spreading.

What a bunch of pathetic bullshit.

The establishment media is disgracing themselves with this trash, and Canadians deserve far better.

Spencer Fernando

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