Federal Government Denies Loan To CFL, 2020 Season Likely Cancelled

TSN football insider Dave Naylor reports that $30 million loan request by CFL has been rejected by the federal government.

The 2020 CFL season – which was to be played in a ‘bubble’ in Winnipeg – is looking less and less likely.

According to TSN football insider Dave Naylor, the federal government has rejected the CFL’s request for a $30 million loan, without which the CFL season is unlikely to proceed.

“Federal source says government has denied @CFL’s request for $30 million loan to be directed towards shortened 2020 season. It has committed to work with the league to see what role it can play in its viability beyond ‘20. CFL’s BOG could determine fate of season on Mon. #CFL”

Compared to other leagues, the CFL is disproportionately dependent on ticket revenue, with broadcast revenue and merchandise sales forming a smaller portion of CFL funds. As a result, the inability to have fans in the seats because of the CCP Virus has had a devastating impact on the league.

With that in mind, it is quite odd that – given all the money the Liberals have been splashing around the country – they wouldn’t give $30 million to the CFL.

Millions of Canadians love the CFL, and it is a key source of national pride and Patriotism. Perhaps that’s why the Liberals aren’t keen on helping the league.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Guy-Paul Roy

Money for the C.F.L. will NOT do one thing to provide Injection sites close to schools as to save our Children’s lives. Soooo….. Ask yourselves what is more important? C.F.L. or your Children made safe ? Thanks to the Liberals?


Did our Teams forget to kneel or sit for the national anthem in support of the Lefties?


In the Liberal mind, the CFL represents Western Canada and Western Canadians. Liberals hate Western Canada and Western Canadians. WEXIT.