VIDEO: Massive Crowds Party In Wuhan, China – Where The CCP Virus That Devastated The World Originated

The rest of the world is suffering because of the lies of China and the Chinese Communist Party. Now, people are partying in Wuhan.

People in Canada and around the world are expressing their outrage at videos emerging from Wuhan, China, showing a massed crowd of partiers.

Wuhan is where the virus emerged, and the Chinese Communist Party blocked travel from Wuhan into the rest of China, while simultaneously allowing people to leave Wuhan and fly into the Canada, the United States, Europe, and the rest of the world, spreading the virus worldwide and causing massive death and economic destruction.

Of course, regular people in Wuhan weren’t to blame for the virus, as they were the first victims of the lies of the Chinese Communist Party.

That said, the fact that people in China are now partying and gathering in massive numbers, while much of Canada, the US, Europe, and more, are locked down and restricted, is generating further anger towards the Chinese Communist State.

You can watch the video below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Massive beach & street parties by kids in BC. Must be a lot of radical leftists there.

Guy-Paul Roy

“IF” the pics are from this week?????? Just wait a few more weeks. The odds are NOT in Vegas’s favor. XI Zing Ping Pong will try anything.


They should have waved a few BLM flags around, then the rest of the world would have loved them.