With Crime Already Rising, The Trudeau Liberals Want More Drug Injection Sites In Canada’s Communities

None of those drug sites will be put in areas where the elites live of course.

For about five years, crime has been steadily rising in many Canadian cities, a reversal of decade-long trends.

This increase coincides with more left-wing politicians getting into office, weakening crime laws, putting criminals ahead of victims, and an obsession with political correctness.

Now, with the insane ‘defund the police’ movement, and the impact of the CCP Virus Crisis, that crime rate is surging even more.

Canada – particularly in the cities – is becoming a more dangerous place.

So, what are the Trudeau Liberals doing about this?

They want more drug injection sites in your neighbourhood.

They want more buildings put into your neighbourhood that will become a magnet for the distribution of heroin, fentanyl, and crystal meth.

Here’s what Blacklock’s reported about it:

“Cabinet seeks to ‘scale-up’ drug injection sites with amendments to the Controlled Drugs And Substances Act. The response follows protests in two of four provinces that legally distribute heroin, fentanyl and crystal methamphetamine to users: “We believe in supervised consumption sites.””

This will increase crime, and make things even worse.

Rather than provide facilities for addicts to get clean, rather than crack down on drug dealers, rather than stop the flow of illegal drugs into our nation, the Liberals want to make it easier for people to do drugs.

And the worst consequences of this will be felt by law-abiding Canadians, who will be put at further risk by having centres of crime located in their communities.

Of course, none of these facilities will be put in the neighbourhoods where the Liberal elites live.

Spencer Fernando

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