Chrystia Freeland To Replace Morneau

Freeland will retain her position as Deputy PM, in addition to adding the Finance Minister role.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland will become the new finance minister.

Freeland has previously been involved with trade negotiations with the US.

Freeland will take the position following Bill Morneau’s resignation due to the WE Charity Scandal, with the Liberals desperate to distance Trudeau from the controversy despite Trudeau being even more tied to the scandal than Morneau was.

With Canada’s economy already having been incredibly weak under the Liberals before the crisis, the deficit has ballooned, job losses have run rampant, and the economy is shattered.

This appointment will also cause many to wonder who is really running the country, with the perception already existing that Freeland was doing the real work.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube