BREAKING: Liberals To Prorogue Parliament Until OCTOBER

Having already slashed Parliamentary sittings to avoid accountability, the Liberals are shutting it down for months.

The governor general will be asked by Justin Trudeau to prorogue Parliament until October.

It is almost certain that she will agree to the request.

This means Trudeau – engulfed in scandal and with his poll numbers dropping – will be shutting Parliament down for months in an effort to avoid accountability for his actions.

The Liberals are hoping that with Bill Morneau gone and Chrystia Freeland set to replace him, they will be able to hit the ‘reset button’ and move on.

They will bring in either a budget or an economic update in October, where they are expected to move even further towards the elitist left, strangling the economy even more, ramping up government control, while still doing nothing to stop foreign companies and foreign mega corporations from taking over our country.

The Opposition will understandably be angry, as Canadians should be as well. This lack of accountability is a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube