WATCH: Chrystia Freeland Says Economic Restart “Needs To Be Green”

While many other countries are wisely pushing back against failed far-left virtue-signalling economic policy, the Liberals are doubling down on failed ideologies.

In an early statement that is quite ominous for all Canadians who support the Canadian energy sector and who want to see the cost of living reduced, new Liberal finance minister Chrystia Freeland says the restart of Canada’s economy “needs to be green.”

“‘The restart of our economy needs to be green’: Freeland on de-carbonization of Canadian economy”

This is a signal by the Liberals to the NDP and Greens.

It is a clear statement that the Liberals intend to double-down on the same failed policies they’ve been pursuing, making life more expensive, pushing jobs out of our country, betraying our Canadian energy sector, provoking Western Alienation, making Canada more vulnerable and dependent on foreign countries, and damaging our long-term economic prospects.

Very bad news for our country.

Rather than ‘de-carbonization,’ we need reindustrialization, and a resurgence in support for the Canadian energy sector. We need to stop importing foreign oil, we need to build more things in our country, and we must become more self-sufficient.

Instead, the Liberals are moving in the opposite direction, putting our economy and our future at risk.

Spencer Fernando

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