REPORT: Trudeau Planning Massive Spending, Shift To Far-Left ‘Green’ Policies

Get ready for a massive increase to the cost of living, the destruction of Canada’s economic competitiveness, and a generation burdened by the combination of low-growth and more debt.

With the Trudeau Liberal government, every time it seems things can’t get worse, it gets worse.

And now, there are very ominous signals being sent.

You see, it increasingly appears to be the case that Bill Morneau – at least in comparison to Justin Trudeau & Chrystia Freeland – was fiscally conservative and reasonable.

Because now, with Morneau out of the way, Trudeau and Freeland appear set to massively increase spending and shift to a so-called ‘green economy.’

In short, they are embracing the radical far-left ‘green new deal,’ and massive spending on top of already massive spending:

Here’s what Reuters reported:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is weighing sweeping changes to the country’s social welfare system and a series of economic measures that will align Canada with ambitious climate goals, according to people familiar with the matter.

“The prime minister wants to go big,” said a government source, adding that Trudeau, 48, sees the moves as part of his legacy.”

That is quite disturbing.

With Canada already recording the biggest deficit in history, and with our energy sector already being sacrificed at the altar of far-left ‘green schemes,’ the Liberals intend to double-down on all of this.

Not only is this very dangerous for the country, it’s very dangerous for the Conservative Party.

As I said on Twitter, if they don’t offer a strong competing vision to what will surely be a widely-publicized Liberal policy shift, they could lose again:

“Canadians tend to vote for people who at present a vision of the future. The Liberals constantly do that (even if vision is unworkable). By contrast, the Conservatives keep offering a few cute boutique tax credits & minor changes at the margins. Can’t beat something with nothing.”

“Canada needs a huge reindustrialization, needs to become much more self-sufficient, and needs to end our growing reliance on foreign countries. People want secure, meaningful jobs, and a sense that we will finally take care of our own Citizens above all else.”

“The Conservatives have to decide whether they want to be a more populist party, or whether they want to push the same economic orthodoxy as the elitist political and corporate class. If they chose wrong, they can look forward to getting beaten again.”

Spencer Fernando

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Going massively overboard on “green” stuff means a lot of the under 30’s now out of work will stay that way or end up in meaningless low level, low income peon jobs. It is all fine and dandy to aim to work and live using less of everything, but that means more robotics and automation. Population equals pollution, and there is no way around that. Will he close the borders? No, he hasn’t done so and likely won’t. Will he increase death rates to eliminate people like seniors, the uneducated and those with various disabilities? I would not be at… Read more »

Rose Fox

Trudeau is just bringing Canada into line with the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”. The policies he’s hinting at match their dystopian view of how the world should be, and like Trudeau they’re using their staged “covid crisis” as the springboard to launch their destruction of humanity and imposition of a new Communist world order. If you’re not familiar with the Great Reset I strongly urge you to read this article:

Beverley Campbell

My advice to whomsoever takes the leadership of the Conservatives, come with a HUGE plan, come with every dream that you have ever dreamed, come with something to make the average voter want to see how this is going to work out. We’ve had enough of smarmy, bordering on criminal, matters, we don’t want handouts, all we want is to be proud of Canada again, that has been taken from us and it is our greatest loss, don’t slink in a side door and wait to see how it goes, bring your best plan on the first day.

Carolyn Fox

And we know who is behind the” new green deal” Gerald Butts. This unelected guy has to be removed now. Look what he did to Ontario. Wake up people…

Doug Maenpaa

What the hell is a “far green shift” ?
Libtards never talk specifics .

So what is it ?