WATCH: Liberals Engaged In Desperate COVER-UP, Huge Portions Of Documents Blacked Out

The Trudeau government is embracing blackface to a previously unseen level.

As I reported earlier, even the small portion of the newly ‘released’ documents that are actually available make it clear that the Trudeau cabinet is responsible for the WE scandal, not the bureaucracy like the Liberals falsely claimed.

And yet, the real truth must be far worse than that.

Because, a massive portion of the documents are covered up.

The cover-up was made very clear by Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre, who held the documents up in a press conference to show how much has been hidden from the Canadian People:

“‘This is a cover-up’: Poilievre shows us some of the 5,000 ‘unsealed’ WE Charity documents.

Blacked out documents, committees canceled, parliament shut down. No accountability. This is disgusting @JustinTrudeau”

Perhaps these documents merely wanted to embrace blackface like the PM?

Jokes aside, this is a huge problem.

Yesterday, Trudeau shut down Parliament, meaning the investigation into the WE Scandal is shut down as well.

So, on that very same day, the Liberals ‘release’ a whole bunch of documents which make them look bad, but cover-up the ones that would make them look even worse.

This is total corruption, plain and simple.

The Liberals are hiding something big, and they are engaged in a desperate attempt to hide the truth from the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

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