O’Toole & Lewis Lead In Total Donors, MacKay Has Big Lead In Total Amount Raised

Will MacKay’s money advantage prove decisive, or will the number of donors count for more?

The final donor numbers before the CPC leadership race is decided are in.

There’s good news for the Peter MacKay campaign, who saw donations surge towards the end.

MacKay raised $812,000 between July 1 and August 9, far outpacing Erin O’Toole, who raised $452,000, and Leslyn Lewis, who raised $376,000.

In total, MacKay has raised $3.1 million, while O’Toole has raised $2.5 million. Lewis is in third, with $1.8 million, while Derek Sloan has raised $852,000.

That said, it’s a different picture when we look at total donors.

Erin O’Toole leads in total donors, with 13,226 people who gave to his campaign. Lewis has 13,162 donors, with MacKay close behind at 12,204. Sloan has 6,106 total donors.

This points to a race that will come down to which candidates can get out their voters, and win second and third ballot support (if it comes to that).

MacKay’s campaign can feel confident about their total number of donations, but O’Toole and Lewis can be hopeful due to their total number of donors.

As for what any of this means in the end, we will know soon enough.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gerri Page

Same old same old. Voters tend to stick with familiar faces and if McKay gets in, just another Liberal.


Looks to me like the new Harper Conservative Party has been taken over by the Left like the last Conservative Party was destroyed by this, very sad. Derek Sloan is the only real Conservative contender, with a Conservative platform with most everything we who read Spencer wanted for Canada and Canadians. IMO we all may as well become Liberal/ndp/green/conservative, because post Canadians want no part of even trying to support a FOR keeping Canada with a FOR Canadians leader to even try and get Canada back or unit us again. Welcome to our CCP/UN post national state. There is no… Read more »

AJ Queen

McKay voters won’t vote for O’Toole, as far as I can tell from their social media, and vice versa. I think the majority of voters will put Lewis in as their second vote including all of Sloan’s and the vast majority of the others. Conservatives want to be seen as they are… as welcoming to women, social conservatives, people of colour, etc…. so a vote for Lewis as a second vote is a feel good vote for Conservatives who opt to pick a second candidate. Add that to the 13K donors, who are likely to vote for her on the… Read more »

alan skelhorne

how much money came from trudeau for mackay

David Henley

If it is dollars that creates a leadership in the Conservative party then they are as corrupt as the liberals. By far Sloan is the only one who is the best leader. His direction is the reason why I even look at the conservatives. His plan is stable and he is clear on what he wants to do. Unlike any of the other candidates who don’t come across as clear direction or what they are doing or how.

David Henley

Sloan by far is a better choice. Money is a level of corruption that these people are in. Liberals have always tote their financial numbers as being better. Money is not an indication of ability. Sloan is a direct and honest man. The only one with the balls to say what needs to be said