O’Toole & Lewis Lead In Total Donors, MacKay Has Big Lead In Total Amount Raised

Will MacKay’s money advantage prove decisive, or will the number of donors count for more?

The final donor numbers before the CPC leadership race is decided are in.

There’s good news for the Peter MacKay campaign, who saw donations surge towards the end.

MacKay raised $812,000 between July 1 and August 9, far outpacing Erin O’Toole, who raised $452,000, and Leslyn Lewis, who raised $376,000.

In total, MacKay has raised $3.1 million, while O’Toole has raised $2.5 million. Lewis is in third, with $1.8 million, while Derek Sloan has raised $852,000.

That said, it’s a different picture when we look at total donors.

Erin O’Toole leads in total donors, with 13,226 people who gave to his campaign. Lewis has 13,162 donors, with MacKay close behind at 12,204. Sloan has 6,106 total donors.

This points to a race that will come down to which candidates can get out their voters, and win second and third ballot support (if it comes to that).

MacKay’s campaign can feel confident about their total number of donations, but O’Toole and Lewis can be hopeful due to their total number of donors.

As for what any of this means in the end, we will know soon enough.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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