Derek Sloan Gets It Right On Confronting China

CPC leadership contender calls for arresting anyone proved to by spying for Communist China.

With China continuing to infiltrate and try to gain control over our nation, all freedom-loving Canadians must push back.

With that in mind, Conservative leadership contender Derek Sloan gets it right on confronting China.

Sloan is pushing tough, common-sense policies on dealing with China, ideas that should be adopted by whoever wins the CPC leadership race.

Here’s what he said on his website about China & Hong Kong:

“Health Minister Patty Hajdu accused a reporter of indulging in conspiracy theories for doubting China’s official COVID-19 infection numbers, which were later proven inaccurate. As Prime Minister, Derek will work with our allies to push for a full international investigation into the origins of COVID-19 in China.

François-Philippe Champagne, Trudeau’s Foreign Affairs Minister, refused to mention Taiwan by name in thanking them for a generous gift of PPE, because The People’s Republic of China regards Taiwan as illegitimate. As Prime Minister, Derek will extend full Canadian diplomatic recognition to Taiwan.

In February, Canada donated 16 tonnes of PPE (personal protective equipment like masks, face shields and gloves) to China, severely depleting our national stockpile. By March, we were short of PPE and scrambling to find it, forced to pay top dollar. Trudeau revealed in May that Canada “would not be paying full price” for 8 million defective N95 masks that we had arranged to buy in April from China! As Prime Minister, Derek will ensure that supply chains for essential products are located in Canada.

As Prime Minister, Derek will block Huawei and ensure Made-in-Canada 5G. China’s 2017 National Intelligence Law gives the Beijing communist regime the power to use Huawei’s technology for its intelligence work. Huawei works closely with the Chinese Communist Party to facilitate repression in China through surveillance and facial recognition. Huawei helps the Communist Chinese government track, detain, imprison, torture, and murder people. Huawei has helped China earn its reputation for spying, industrial espionage, and intellectual property theft.

As Prime Minister, Derek will work for Canadian institutions to reject pressure from front groups of the Communist Party of China.

As Prime Minister, Derek will arrest anyone proved to be spying for the Communist Party of China and negotiate their return to China in exchange for Canadians held prisoner there.


The Chinese Communist regime in Beijing continues its totalitarian crack-down in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in defiance of the “one country, two systems” principle that China promised to honour until the year 2047. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland had no comment—either way—recently when asked if the Hong Kong pro-democracy dissidents would be welcome as refugees. I am unequivocal on this matter. As Prime Minister, Derek will ensure that Canada welcomes dissidents from Hong Kong as refugees.”

As I said earlier on Twitter, any CPC leadership candidate who is tough against China will deserve support, and anyone who fails to stand up to China must be defeated:

“Resisting the effort by some Canadian elites to turn Canada into a colony of the Chinese Communist Party is the issue of our time. If Erin O’Toole, Leslyn Lewis, Peter MacKay, and Derek Sloan are willing to fight back, they deserve support. If not, they’ll need to be replaced.”

With the Liberals determined to sell Canada out to China, all Canadians must unite in stopping our country from being taken away from us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube