BREAKING: Narrow Race Between Peter MacKay & Erin O’Toole On First Ballot Of CPC Leadership Race

Here are the results:

The first ballot results for the CPC leadership race are in.

Here are the points:

Peter MacKay – 11,328.55

Erin O’Toole – 10,681.40

Leslyn Lewis – 6,925.38

Derek Sloan – 4,864.87

These are bad numbers for MacKay, who many believe needed to clear at least 40% on the first ballot to overcome the fact that more second and third ballot support is expected to go towards Erin O’Toole.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Donald O'Kane

So how many ballots were destroyed from the counting machines and whose ballots were they. If MacKay wins then it’s time for the West to Wexit out of Canada. MacKay is just trudeau light and will NOT do anything for Alberta or Western Canada.


No, these are bad numbers for conservatives. These two are exactly what the liberals had hoped for. Two old white guys that are just rehashed liberals.

Sorry to say but we lose with either one of these guys. Trudeau at al…are laughing all the way their next victory. They finish off the job they started, the dismantling and destruction of Canada with nary a wimpier from those old liberals