REPORT: Vote Counting Machine Ripping Some CPC Leadership Ballots

Will this reduce confidence in the accuracy of the final results?

In the last conservative leadership race, a combination of an extremely close result and the fact that ballots were quickly destroyed after the results were announced caused many people to have doubts about the results, and contributed to further division in the party.

Now, there are reports that the reason for the delay in the 2020 leadership race results being revealed is that a ballot-counting machine is RIPPING up some ballots.

In a close race, this is a huge problem.

Which ballots are being ripped up?

Which region are they from?

Which candidate is having more ballots ripped?

Will the party reveal those numbers?

How will they adjust for the destroyed ballots?

Apparently, there is a recounting process, and it remains to be seen if this impacts the outcome:

If the race ends up narrowly decided, there could be some serious consequences, and many members will be angry at seeing something that could raise doubts happen once again in the vote counting process.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Why are ballots being ripped? How can any Canadian trust these Back Room Conservatives? We saw what they did to Jim Karahalios!


Nowhere were we told to make darn sure the markings were near perfect as they were going to be tabulated by machines. I naturally assumed my ballot would be scrutinized by a human. The entire world knows what a joke the American system is with their programmable “chad” machines.

David Henley

Same old problem with the Conservative party. Continue to deceive the people so they get what the elites want. Some may not see the issue but many will. No confidence in the election process. If these issues are not going to be addressed then we are certainly in trouble.