On China, Erin O’Toole’s Tougher Approach Represents The Vast Majority Of Canadians. Trudeau’s Pathetic Weakness Represents A Mere Fringe

Canadians have decisively turned against the Chinese Communist Party. O’Toole’s tougher vision on dealing with China represents what Canadians want.

With Erin O’Toole having decisively won the Conservative leadership race, attention is turning to his views on China.

In the Globe & Mail, an article refers to O’Toole’s ‘hawkish voice’ on China.

The article even tries to link O’Toole to Trump:

“In his rhetoric and approach toward China, Mr. O’Toole hews more closely to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – and even President Donald Trump – than to the more cautious and amicable approach that has been the hallmark of Liberal governments dating to Pierre Trudeau.”

However, the fact is that O’Toole isn’t copying the approach of the US, O’Toole is simply representing what Canadians think.

Here are some examples:

81% of Canadians have an unfavourable view of China, the most unpopular country in the views of Canadians.

81% of Canadians want a boycott on Chinese products.

Only 11% of Canadians want closer trade ties with China, with a huge majority wanting less trade with China. On trade, China is the least popular country in Canada.

78% of Canadians want Huawei banned.

So, O’Toole is totally in line with what Canadians want.

Meanwhile, as you can see in the stats above, Trudeau’s weakness represents a mere fringe of Canadians.

Canadians have realized that Trudeau’s pathetically weak approach is a total failure.

In a true democracy, the views of the people need to be represented by leaders in actual policy outcomes, and on China, the views of the vast majority of Canadians line up totally with O’Toole and the Conservatives.

Spencer Fernando


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Thomas Tass

Anti O’Toole pro China/LPC interests with PRC support will now go ballistic. They will invoke the nuclear option to do a pre emptive strike on the new leader. The cabal will not go down without a fight and the collateral damage will be great.

Guy-Paul Roy

Maybe the Whole Wide world can kiss China’s Communist Party for just one more decade and just maybe Xi Jing Ping Pong will have a change of heart. It might just make the Turd in the Punch Bowl a little bit happier on the way out.


Trudeau’s fake “closed borders”? SIX diseased flights into YVR yesterday. And Tam can’t figure out why we are having a spike in the CCP Virus?

Garlet Farlett

Spencer, those poll numbers just go to show how once again JT is completely out of touch with what Canadians really want. Well, it could be that he just doesn’t CARE what Canadians want either, and frankly, that’s probably more like it.


Globe & Mail Paint O’Toole as “hawkish” and Trump-like; then lines up for Turdwater’s weekly cheque.

David Henley

Now we have a liberal conservative trying to oust Trudeau. Your going to see little change and Canada will continue its journey to one world government. In one year we will not have a country.