WATCH LIVE: Erin O’Toole’s First Speech As Conservative Party Leader

O’Toole won a landslide victory on the third ballot.

Erin O’Toole is delivering his first speech as the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

O’Toole won a huge win on the third ballot, bringing in support from supporters of Leslyn Lewis and Derek Sloan to win decisively.

You can watch his remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Spencer a Question, Have you ever read the National Telegraph, an on line news media I just heard about they just printed an article on Erin O’Toole and Jason Kenney
about their ?involvement with the CCP donations and support but I do not know if this is true? so do not trust like I trust you. But like you have stated before and I agree all our politicians should be checked about connections to CCP and I agree, but maybe our whole government has been infiltrated?

Moe S.

Bravo! The Liberal clapping seals of Greater Toronto will NOT be happy. Mr. O’Toole, representative for the Durham region, the economically hardest hit area on the outskirts of Toronto, where thousands of people once worked for General Motors Inc.
We absolutely love this Irishman, who has a backbone & fire in his belly. “He’s coming for you Trudeau.”

Douglas Robilliard

Jesus Christ, this liar is just slightly more honest than mkay, Canada would have a good chance for a Positive change with Derek Sloan. Let see if this person has the balls and spine to take down the pm! Time will tell!


Derek Sloan would have been the Very BEST Leader for the Conservative Party. Too Bad that Conservatives were afraid of Derek not winning and Ousting Trudeau and did not give him their vote. If more Conservatives had voted for the BEST Candidate, Derek would have Won. His platform was the Very Best Platform of All the Candidates and he would have done what he promised to Canadians!