Erin O’Toole Announces Staff Appointments

New Conservative leader announces Chief of Staff National Campaign Manager, and Senior Advisor picks.

As he formally takes over as Conservative Party leader and Opposition leader, Erin O’Toole has announced new appointments, and a key nomination.

Here’s what the party said in a press release:

“Ottawa, ON – Erin O’Toole, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and Leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition, has announced the following two appointments and one nomination:

Tausha Michaud – Chief of Staff to the Leader of the Official Opposition  

Michaud is a long-time political veteran with over 10 years of experience working in municipal, provincial, and federal government.  She formerly served as Senior Advisor to Mr. O’Toole when he was Canada’s Minister of Veteran Affairs.

Fred DeLorey – National Campaign Manager

DeLorey most recently served as National Campaign Manager for the Erin O’Toole Leadership Campaign. DeLorey previously served as Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s Director of Field Operations, and as former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Director of Political operations, and as national spokesperson for the Conservative Party’s majority winning 2011 election campaign. His appointment takes immediate effect.

Alupa Clarke – Senior Advisor to the Leader

Clarke is a former Conservative MP for Beauport-Limoilou (2015-2019) and was Erin O’Toole’s leadership Campaign Chair in Québec. Before being elected for the first time in 2015, Clarke serve in our Canadian armed forces in the ranks of the 6th field artillery regiment, based in Levis, Québec.

Janet Fryday Dorey – Executive Director, Conservative Party of Canada  

Fryday Dorey is the former president of the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party and has chaired provincial election campaigns and managed countless campaigns across Canada. She is the current Atlantic Organizer for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Mr. O’Toole has nominated Fryday Dorey for the role of Executive Director, which, as per the Conservative Party’s constitution, must be ratified by the National Council of the Conservative Party of Canada.”


Spencer Fernando

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I earnestly hope Erin filters out some of the Conservative backroom crowd that bombed in the last election. They totally mishandled Scheer.


Good choice in Janet Friday Dorey ! The leadership team overall are extraordinary so far!

Gerri Page

Let’s hope he does not forget to include Lewis and Sloan regardless of what the Liberals say. Their votes gave him the win.


Absolutely! Totally agree with your statement!

Vladimir Poutine

Trudope’s days are numbered ! O’Toole 2020 ! Trudope>JAIL 2020 !

David Henley

These appointments are just five stories. Problem is they are liberal based approach to appeal to liberals. Doug Ford is a liberal and best friends with Trudeau’s front line. Can’t say how conservatives will fair in an election doing the same game as before. The elites are not learning the lessons from the last election and are going to hurt this country.