GOOD NEWS: Leslyn Lewis Commits To Running For Conservatives In Next Election

Lewis ran an amazing campaign, even winning the most overall votes on the second ballot, with her supporters playing a decisive role in putting O’Toole over the top.

In very good news for the Conservative Party and all Canadians, Leslyn Lewis has announced that she will run for the party in the next election.

Lewis ran an amazing leadership campaign, going from a virtual unknown to someone who shook up the race, won the popular vote on the second ballot, dominated in many of the most Conservative regions of the country, and put Erin O’Toole over the top through the third ballot support of her backers.

Despite her historic run being ignored by much of the establishment press, Lewis proved to be a skilled campaigner, reaching out across the Conservative Party and bring many different coalitions in the party together to support her.

By announcing that she will run for the party, Lewis will help build up support for the party and help the party expand.

Here’s the announcement Lewis made on her website:

“I have been so touched by the thousands of emails and messages I have received since the Leadership election results were announced on Sunday night.

Today I spoke with Erin O’Toole. In addition to personally congratulating him on his victory and pledging my support, I confirmed my commitment to running as part of our Conservative team in the next election.

The exact seat that I will run for has yet to be determined, but I wanted to let you know that you can help me by contributing to my election readiness fund. That way no matter when the right seat opens up, or if the Liberals fall in a confidence vote in October, I will be ready and fully funded to take them on and win a seat in the House of Commons.

In order to pay off my final expenses from the leadership race and have a solid election war-chest ready to go, I am asking you to help me raise $50,000 by making a donation today.

It’s time to bring my approach of courage, compassion and common sense to Parliament and I’m excited to get to work on making that a reality.

Thank you once again.”


The future for the Conservative Party is looking good so far.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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She was not my choice. She did what Trudeau did… she went and approached the minorities. Mostly in Toronto!
To me… that is making promises to putting minorities at the top of the agenda… instead of addressing all Canadians as equal.
Mr. Sloan was my top choice. Straight forward.
McKay and O’toole have a history of bowing down …and being swayed or not addressing the the real concerns appropriately. In my opinion. Maybe Mr. O’toole has changed!? There is always hope.

Guy-Paul Roy

A Commentator for C.B.C. told Vassey the he was surprised that the WICKED WEST would show such strong support for a BLACK WOMEN. Apparently O’Toole will lose support from either the WICKED WEST or from the CENTER of the Universe if he goes on this UNITE Canada with the WEXIT contamination. Seems Jacob might not walk again IF he makes it past surgery’s as to see his Boy’s that were in the CAR as he was shot 7 times in the back.

Russ Browne

The conservatives were stupid not to put Dr. Lewis in power, she has many attributes that could easily beat Trudeau – a good looking woman with charisma, an ethnic minority, highly educated and successful businesswoman. If it was not for the vote weighting rules she would have won. The party just shot it’s self in the foot.

David Henley

It’s a bad day for this country. Now we have to liberal parties. Both corrupt both will destroy Canada. O’Toole is no Conservative and although he talks big he will continue with WHO, continues to support the UN, has ties to the controversy of terrorist. Doesn’t want any conservatives in his party. To bad for Canadians. Lies and corruption continues


We had three UN globalists running for leader and only One Conservative really for Canada, if you followed the actual platforms, Derek Sloan, Conservative without apology. but only 16.5 perceent of the votes I believe, so yes that must be all the Conservatives left in the Conservative party now, Leslyn also thought she was strong enough to handle the UN and the CCP, not kick them out of Canada amazing? but scary.

Terry McKellar

I did a little reading on Ms. Lewis and think she would be a good person to have working for us.When I say us – I mean regular Canadians regardless of their politcal persuasion. I would like to know what other folks think of her – objective views and not a lot political people bashing just because she is on the conservative side of the house – I would like her regardless of whatever side she rode for.

Sharon Warren