Disgrace: Canadian-Owned Company Used Chinese Slave Labour To Make Masks, Government Unsure If It Purchased Them: Blacklock’s

This is why the government must take immediate action to bring our supply chains back into Canada.

There are two key reasons why manufacturing needs to be brought back into our own country.

First, we must become more self-reliant. For essential products, we must be able to manufacture what we need here at home, rather than being reliant on a foreign country we don’t control and can’t rely on.

The second key reason is that by outsourcing manufacturing to places like China, we spit on the values we claim to hold.

And now, the latest example of that can be seen in China.

As reported by Blacklock’s, it appears that a Canadian company is using Chinese prison labour to make masks, and the Canadian federal government is unsure if it purchased them:

“Chinese prison labour was assigned to work at a Canadian-owned mask factory in Shanghai, according to the Communist Party press. The Department of Public Works has said it does not know if it purchased slave-made goods: “We do the job not for a reward but driven by our inner eagerness.””

This is a disgrace.

Not only are we not building masks here in Canada, not only are we enriching the Chinese Communist Party, but we have a ‘Canadian’ company actively participating in the oppression of people under the ruthless Chinese Communist State.

How long until our country wakes up and realizes that having strong domestic manufacturing is a national security imperative and is the only way we can truly live out the values our nation claims to hold?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Whatever So-called Canadians involved in slave labor should be imprisoned and treated exactly like they have treated Canadians and their slave labor. All so-called sick greedy Canadians involved in this sick money making slave trade any where in the world leaves Canadians without decent paying jobs here at home also, makes us more vulnerable here to becoming exactly that, slaves as we run out of money and our socialist government cannot borrow any more money to keep us all, so we go hungry, homeless and are finally forced into slave labor if we live, While these rich greedy Canadian company… Read more »


What is the name of the Canadian company. Where are they located? Who owns it? Phone number? Address?


Globalization means, slave labor, Open Borders, UN Global Compact for Migration etc., however, our treacherous globalist politicians did not explain these important details to us. Do the research. BTW now that China has become “China The Bad”, the Globalists Cabal will be opening new slave labor markets in other countries instead of bringing these jobs back home.

Terry McKellar

Why was the company not named – if it is true – I would call on Spencer to give us the name of the company.