Why Are The Liberals Still Refusing To Remove Justin Trudeau From Their Caucus?

Trudeau has worn blackface, has lied repeatedly to Canadians, has broken promises over and over again, and has more ethics violations than any PM in history. By refusing to remove Trudeau, the Liberals are condoning those terrible actions.

The Liberals must remove Justin Trudeau from their Caucus.

That is the unmistakeable conclusion, looking at the facts.

Multiple times, Trudeau has violated ethics laws, racking up the most ethics violations of any PM in history, showing profound contempt for Canadians.

Trudeau has lied over and over again, breaking nearly every promise he has made, again, showing contempt for Canadians.

Trudeau lectured everyone else about ‘inclusion’ and race, while having worn blackface.

Trudeau falsely cast himself as pro-Indigenous and pro-strong women, while booting out Canada’s first female Indigenous attorney general when she refused to do his bidding and bend the law for a well-connected company.

Trudeau made a mockery of real life-and-death concerns, when he laughed at protesters discussing Mercury poisoning and said “thanks for your donation,” showing elitist hate and contempt for suffering Canadian Citizens.

Trudeau told Veterans they were “asking for more than we are able to give right now,” breaking his promise not to fight them in court, and ignoring the fact that he has spent more than any PM in history on other things.

Trudeau has regularly demonized his opponents, dividing the country for his own political benefit and pitting Canadians against each other, while hypocritically accusing his opponents of the exact same thing.

Rather than address the surge of gang violence happening under his watch and the watch of left-wing mayors, Trudeau has demonized law-abiding gun owners, attempting to criminalize innocent people while allowing crime to spread unchecked.

And Trudeau has showed pathetic weakness towards China, refusing to push back against their attempts to infiltrate our country, mistreat our Citizens, and use us as a punching bag to intimidate other free nations.

For all these reasons and more, the Liberals must remove Justin Trudeau from the Liberal Caucus.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Gerri Page

They won’t because they are greedy money parasites and don’t give a damn about Canada.

Donald O'Kane

trudeau should have been removed years ago! His contempt for Canadians is very unpatriotic and borders being treasonous. His WHOLE CAUCUS needs to be removed for being complicit with trudeaus ethics violations and absurdity. “tRUDEAU MUST GO!!!!” I said a while ago I will NEVER capitalize his name or the partys name again. THEY DON’T DESERVE ANY RESPECT!!!


Removing Trudeau from the Liberal caucus is perhaps what the Liberals should do, but I hope they don’t. The Conservatives are much more electable with Trudeau right where he is. Given the fresh face of a new leader, the Liberal party might be reborn in the minds of voters, which could spell a disaster for the Conservatives in a fall election. Right now the Trudeau Liberals are a soft target, why would we want that to change?

Major Tom

……..probably because he’s a hard act to follow……….:)

Steve Walker

Just when you believe Fernandimwit can’t write anything massively dumber than what he wrote yesterday he comes up with the attached.

Mr. J. Johnson Sr.

So Sayeth the bootlicker lib troll

old white guy

No surprise there. The liberals are as crooked as they have always been.

richard m Borzychowski

Voters love their Justin. As long as he can keep the Liberal Party in power they will have him as their leader.He could drown a sack of kittens in the Rideau Canal and it would be viewed as a teachable moment to remind us to spay our pets.As he veers further left, he will garner more NDP voters. I absolutely hate the guy but I’m afraid that he will be the PM as long as he wants to. We will be the first post national state ( socialist )as he told the New York Times years ago.

In a world with populist gloabalist, war torn based immigration policy, con artist power mongers posing as philanthropists , is Canada’s destruction inevitable by Trudeau or the next commie want to be lib?