WATCH: Trump Delivers Republican National Convention Speech

Speech by US President comes as the polls narrow and the debates approach.

US President Donald Trump is delivering his speech at the conclusion of the Republican National Convention.

In a departure from tradition, Trump is speaking at the White House for the convention speech.

His remarks come as the polls continue to narrow, with the US economy recovering and rising chaos in Democrat-run cities appearing to reduce support for the Democratic ticket of Joe Biden & Kamala Harris.

Additionally, with debates approaching, there is concern among many Democrats about how Joe Biden will perform. Weeks ago, CNN claimed that talk of ‘cancelling the debates’ were a ‘right-wing talking point.’

Yet, today, Nancy Pelosi said that the debates should be cancelled.

Either it’s some sort of reverse psychology trick, or it speaks to the ongoing concern over whether Biden can successfully make it through three 1 1/2 hour debates.

You can watch Trump’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube