BRUTAL: Jagmeet Singh Attempts To Incite Division & Rage By Falsely Blaming Police For Death Of Regis Korchinski-Paquet, Totally Contradicting Facts Of Investigation

Under Singh, the NDP continues to descend further and further into a parody of an actual left-wing party, losing their connection to working class Canadians.

Jagmeet Singh is making false, inflammatory claims on Twitter.

In a Tweet about the results of the investigation into the death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet, Singh decided to simply lie multiple times:

“Regis Korchinski-Paquet died because of police intervention.

She needed help and her life was taken instead.

The SIU’s decision brings no justice to the family and it won’t prevent this from happening again.”

Singh is wrong on all these points.

First, Korchinksi-Paquet died because she fell off a balcony. She was not pushed by police. Police did not cause her death.

Second, to say her “life was taken,” is to assign blame to police for her death, which again, is not true.

Third, the idea that following the facts is a ‘decision,’ and to claim ‘justice’ was denied is once again to ascribe blame to police, something which simply isn’t borne out by the facts.

People were quick to point out Singh’s dishonesty:

“So you’re suggesting the independent investigators who meticulously looked at every shred of evidence available somehow managed to screw it up or are biased? Jagmeet you are not looking at this through a balanced lens and your bias will ultimately be your undoing.”

“This is a blatant lie. The SIU investigated 5 officers on site , interviewed 15 civilians, reviewed video footages. Please stop using this tragic death to score political points. Black Lives Matter, but facts also matter. Do better! #FactsAreFacts #cdnpoli”

“I’m all for de escalation and mental health supports, but she fell while scaling between balconies.

The police can’t be blamed for this, which makes me suspect that Jagmeet is trying to co opt the current situation in the US, by picking the most recent case here at home.”

“It is high time politicians lost the protections they have for slander and libel and face the full weight of the law when they make unfounded accusations.”

“I’m incredibly disappointed in this statement. This woman lost her life and that is tragic but trying to navigate balconies and failing is what killed her. Perhaps the system failed her before she hit the balcony but the police didn’t cause this.”

With his dishonest statements, Jagmeet Singh is clearly trying to incite division and rage in the nation, seeking to import US political fights into Canada.

Singh’s statements are very dangerous, and demonstrate once again why the NDP has been such a disaster under his ‘leadership.’

Rather than actually put together ideas and focus on winning over voters, Singh panders to the most far-left fringe he can find, heedless of damage it does to the country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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james isnor

Wow. This man really is a piece of work. You should resign. You have betrayed Canadians and now the TO police. Move to the US and join Antifa. We are fed up with you traitor !!!

Guy-Paul Roy

Was the FINE MR. Jagmeet and his LAWYER brother carrying signs that say F**K the PIGS? In Downtown Toronto??


Yes they sure did. NOT very fine, criminal Trudeau supporters

Guy-Paul Roy

Mr. Spencer, Did you here what O’Toole had to say about 2% GDP on Military?


How can we comment on something that amounts to nothing.Nothing plus Nothing equals Zero.

Marian Joudoin

Lawyer and Politician
You do not know the law and your not a politician for Canada with your Lies. Canada deserves better.

Allan Wood

Let’s just acknowledge the fact that both the Liberals and NDP have a socialist agenda for Canada. Its platform is identical to the that of the Socialist/Communist Democrats; the green new deal, UN Migration Pact (Canada’s loss of sovereignty), the elimination of oil and gas, free pharma, etc. The demeaning of the police, be it local or RCMP, fits right in with what is going on in the US. It won’t belong that these socialist MP’s push for the replacement of police with “soft, sensitive, all-caring”, social workers handling “troubling citizens”


Unethical politicians will be the death of Canada. Btw have you noticed the anger and hate a politician will display when one of their Serfs points out one of their errors.