Canadian Economy Suffered Worst Drop In History In Q2

GDP fell by a whopping 38.7%.

Canada’s GDP fell by a stunning 38.7% in Q2 (April, May, June), amid lockdown measures and the worldwide economic collapse caused by the CCP Virus.

That GDP drop is the worst ever recorded in Canadian history.

While there have been signs of a recovery beginning, Canada is not expected to recover fully until sometime in 2022. Further, that would only be a recovery to where we were when the CCP Virus hit, not to where we would have been.

It is likely that economic activity will be on a lower course for many years due to the impact of the CCP Virus.

Making matters worse is the fact that rather than unleash Canada’s energy sector and rebuild Canadian manufacturing, the Liberals are pursuing a far-left ‘green’ agenda that will make life even more expensive, add to Canada’s debt, slow economic growth, make us more dependent on foreign nations, and ship good jobs out of our country.

The Liberals are taking this crisis, and making it even worse.

Spencer Fernando

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Just watch Pres. Trumps speech again, and sincerely hope that we will be able to hear as a PM Erin O’Toole gets the support he will need from us, to get Canada back and working again and stopping our tax paid lying news media down cause they cannot tell the truth to get Canada back on it’s feet.


The ONLY Way that this Economic Disaster can be Rehabilitated is an Election being called Very Soon. The Liberals should not Only be OUSTED, but MUST be Decimated Altogether! Liberal Corruption, Stealing from Hard Working Taxpayers to give to Trudeau’s family and friends and Spending like Drunken Sailors by the Liberals, has to be Stopped! Canadians will be Stuck with this bill for Generations!


We have to get the basic economy going again. No matter what Trudeau thinks, he cannot control the climate of the world, so lets use technology to adapt to the changing climate. How about seriously considering a bullet train across the Country? Planes pollute and very few people really need to fly anywhere. The Chinese Virus has changed the world.