As O’Toole Denounces Destruction Of John A. Macdonald Monument, Trudeau Is Silent

Justin Trudeau continues to pander to radical extremist elements that want to dismantle Canada.

After a radical extremist mob tore down a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald, many leaders in the country have denounced that act of destruction.

Among them, are Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole, and Quebec Premier Francois Legault:

“Canada wouldn’t exist without Sir John A. Macdonald. Canada is a great county, and one we should be proud of. We will not build a better future by defacing our past.

It’s time politicians grow a backbone and stand up for our country.”

“Quoique l’on puisse penser de John A. MacDonald, détruire un monument ainsi est inacceptable.

Il faut combattre le racisme, mais saccager des pans de notre histoire n’est pas la solution.

Le vandalisme n’a pas sa place dans notre démocratie et la statue doit être restaurée.”

And yet, Justin Trudeau is silent.

“It’s good to see the premier of Quebec, @francoislegault, aligned with @CPC_HQ Leader @ErinOTooleMP on ending cancel culture. The vandalism on Sir John A’s statue in Montreal is appauling. Sad to see the Trudeau Liberals completely silent on this act of violence.”

Trudeau has not made a statement on social media denouncing the destruction.

Trudeau’s silence is tacit support for the radical far-left extremist mobs, mobs that he helped embolden by accusing Canada of an ongoing genocide on his watch.

Trudeau has tried to rhetorically tear down Canada’s history by pushing for Canada to be a ‘Post-National State,’ and now the radical extremists are turning his rhetoric into reality by tearing down our history.

Trudeau continues to do immense damage to the nation, putting Canada at greater and greater risk of division, rage, and chaos.

Spencer Fernando


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Tear down Pierre, spawns dads statue and see how spawn reacts. Dad is the one to set Canada on the path that spawn is pushing Canada down.

Gary Pawson

First thing would be forcing the name change of that airport in Montreal for God sake. IT OFFEND’S! (That joker doesn’t even rate having a human waste disposal plant with it’s name on it.) Politicians should NEVER have ANYTHING named after them.

Guy-Paul Roy

What does Justin have to say about defacing the PREVIOUS # WORST PM EVER?


I am so glad that Erin O’Toole stood up and said something, thank you Spencer for letting us know first.
I must say I am glad to see Quebec’s leaders standing up with Conservatives for Canada in this. we all need to unit and stand together to save our country.

Steve Walker

Sir John A was a corrupt PM forced from office for taking bribes in connection the the construction of the first transcontinental railway. You support a corrupt PM but call for PMJT to resign on lesser charges like “ gropegate”.
How are you going to establish any credibility ?

Brian Dougan

Lesser charges? You’re being quite selective.

Garlet Farlett

Maybe he should just resign for the 3 ethics violations then. Sir John A at least accomplished something major during his time, so far, all JT has done is take a vacation


its nice to see the coward child stand and say nothing, typical of liberals alike

alan skelhorne

so, maybe its time for canadians to stand up, and start tearing apart the communists, i guess you would hear trudeau all the way here in ontario from his cottage


It is a disgrace coming from these communist young people.There was no reason to pull down statue of Sir John A. MacDonald.This is our past and our history. The Romans ruled England did some atrocious things,but they also did some good things exp.English Law is based on Roman Law etc etc.I’m sure that Museum of London has some Roman statues it is part of English history. In China Emperor Chin has united China by putting all the provinces together I’m sure he did not do it by soft hand.Should his Statue be pulled down.I don’t think so.It is part of… Read more »

Frank Poole

This should be seen as a federal terrorist act and the guilty dealt with in that manner.


The bottom of the base of the Sir John A.MacDonald’s statue had the words ” Nation land” painted on it. We have many paid protesters being funded by enemies of Canada who want to destabilize our country. I don’t believe that the majority of our indigenous people are supportive of this anarchist behaviour so don’t blame them. These paid protesters say “Canada should eliminate capitalism”. Duh ?!!That’s what Putin would love us to do…be like Russia…concentrate capital in the hands if the oligarchs.

james isnor

Where were the Police ?


They were standing back and watching, Had they done anything at all, they would have been attacked by these Liberal terrorists.


There is only one statue that must be destroyed in Canada. It is the most offensive article in this country.

Gary Pawson

Yes Del, The waste of material alone used to produce that thing is appalling. I am OFFENDED that this thing even exist! However, it could give people a great place to take their dog waste don’t ya think? One central point.


Canadians have had ENOUGH of these Leftist Mobs. They must be Arrested Charged to the Full Extent of the Law, and the people who caused the destruction of our Monuments must be forced to Pay for the Damage caused to these Monuments! Canadians do NOT want our History erased. Sir John A. Macdonald United our country with the Completion of the Trans Pacific Railway from Coast to Coast and he Created the Dominion of Canada in 1867. Canadians should be, and are Proud of his Accomplishments.


He was actually pretty terrible but he did create this country. If not for him and others in the beginning, we would all be Americans like in Portland and Seattle. Trudeau is allowing and encouraging Canada to go in that direction.

John Cox

Trudeau declare Canada to be the first post nationalist state if people care to remember, the removal of Canadian history from the time the first nations stetted here will all be removed so the globalist and the UN can move their agenda of the one world government forward. Globalist hate a nations history and will rewrite it, just as the communist and the fascist did in the early part of the 20th century.

Thomas Tass

They will have to change the name of Ottawa airport. But that won’t be enough for the mob. Lenin Trotsky International will perhaps appease them but since they are so ill educated it won’t mean anything to the mob.

Gary Pawson

Our unethical, immoral liar of a PM has yet to be told WHAT to say!

Miles Lunn

Trudeau wants to appeal to woke millennials who are fed this garbage from elementary school to graduate school. Its a problem throughout English speaking world but in US, UK, Australia, NZ, and Ireland, seniors have been appalled by this and many who used to vote left now voting right. Unfortunately in Canada we haven’t seen this happen. Millennials are sadly lost, but O’Toole needs to convince over 50 Liberal voters this is not the party of their youth. Its moved way to left and convince them to cross over to Tories. Boris Johnson did worse amongst millennials than Scheer and… Read more »

Gary Pawson

Our unethical PM say something AGAINST people in his home province? Look what the joker was willing to do for SNC? He’s willing to discard two of the brightest people he had ever conned into his little ‘gang’, because they had ethics, morals & were simple WAY to bright & HONEST for him, & they said NO. Just look how far he went during that sleazy affair! If he upset’s them,(his people in Quebec), they may not allow him back to the trough or worst still, they may decide to change the name of the Montreal airport, & that would… Read more »