As O’Toole Denounces Destruction Of John A. Macdonald Monument, Trudeau Is Silent

Justin Trudeau continues to pander to radical extremist elements that want to dismantle Canada.

After a radical extremist mob tore down a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald, many leaders in the country have denounced that act of destruction.

Among them, are Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole, and Quebec Premier Francois Legault:

“Canada wouldn’t exist without Sir John A. Macdonald. Canada is a great county, and one we should be proud of. We will not build a better future by defacing our past.

It’s time politicians grow a backbone and stand up for our country.”

“Quoique l’on puisse penser de John A. MacDonald, détruire un monument ainsi est inacceptable.

Il faut combattre le racisme, mais saccager des pans de notre histoire n’est pas la solution.

Le vandalisme n’a pas sa place dans notre démocratie et la statue doit être restaurée.”

And yet, Justin Trudeau is silent.

“It’s good to see the premier of Quebec, @francoislegault, aligned with @CPC_HQ Leader @ErinOTooleMP on ending cancel culture. The vandalism on Sir John A’s statue in Montreal is appauling. Sad to see the Trudeau Liberals completely silent on this act of violence.”

Trudeau has not made a statement on social media denouncing the destruction.

Trudeau’s silence is tacit support for the radical far-left extremist mobs, mobs that he helped embolden by accusing Canada of an ongoing genocide on his watch.

Trudeau has tried to rhetorically tear down Canada’s history by pushing for Canada to be a ‘Post-National State,’ and now the radical extremists are turning his rhetoric into reality by tearing down our history.

Trudeau continues to do immense damage to the nation, putting Canada at greater and greater risk of division, rage, and chaos.

Spencer Fernando


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