Six People Shot At Toronto Bakery

Crime continues to surge in cities governed by politically-correct, weak ‘leaders.’

The rise of violent gang crime in Canada’s largest cities continues.

Six people were shot at a Toronto bakery, after a drive-by-shooting.

It happened around 2:00 am Wednesday morning, outside of Spence’s Bakery (great name for a bakery btw), on Eglinton Avenue.

According to Toronto police, a six people, five men and one woman, were hit by gunfire as they huddled outside avoiding the rain.

The victims ages range from 30 to 69.

“This was a very brazen shooting at this hour of the night with no regard whatsoever for any kind of safety. They shot randomly into a group of people inside the bakery so obviously this was a very serious incident that occurred,” said Toronto Police Inspector Tim Crone.

Violent gang crime continues to rise in much of Canada, in large part because the left-wing mayors in many of those cities are pandering to political correctness, weakening the police, pushing for pro-criminal policies that put law-abiding people at risk, and demonizing law-abiding gun owners instead of cracking down on actual gang crime:

“Innocent people continue to get gunned down by gang violence in big cities, yet the ‘leaders’ of those cities spend all their time trying to take away guns from law-abiding people in the rest of the country. Absurd and dangerous.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Garlet Farlett

Next round of gun bans coming up!! They seem to be SO effective!


“The Buns are loaded at Spence’s Bakery”
lieberals laws Illegal guns and free drugs supported by John Tory, (if you’re a law abiding citizen get out, you darn white colonial Canadian)

Sadly there is shooting going on in the GTA daily and drug use is way up and the Liberals plan to hand out free “safer” opioids in Toronto, this will get them lotsa votes.


Sanctuary cities?

Vladimir Poutine

Averybody is need AK-47 in Toronto !

Moe S.

Yeah, those damn duck hunters causing problems in Mayor Tory’s city again.

Michael Nugent

What sort of people would shoot up a bakery, in a drive-by, at 2:00 AM in Little Jamaica ? Could it have been members of the Norwegian cross-country ski team ?

old white guy

The only crime that is relevant is not wearing a mask that cannot protect you from anything except being identified.

Major Tom

Must be a sanctuary city………


Toronto may start looking like Chicago soon if this keeps up. Strictest gun laws in the U.S in Chicago and very near the top in violent gang gun crimes. This Tory mayor guy is reminding me of all the mayors down south that let crime happen and want to defund the police. Defund John Tory.

Thomas Tass

John Tory should go back to doing a lousy radio program where the off switch can be employed