Six People Shot At Toronto Bakery

Crime continues to surge in cities governed by politically-correct, weak ‘leaders.’

The rise of violent gang crime in Canada’s largest cities continues.

Six people were shot at a Toronto bakery, after a drive-by-shooting.

It happened around 2:00 am Wednesday morning, outside of Spence’s Bakery (great name for a bakery btw), on Eglinton Avenue.

According to Toronto police, a six people, five men and one woman, were hit by gunfire as they huddled outside avoiding the rain.

The victims ages range from 30 to 69.

“This was a very brazen shooting at this hour of the night with no regard whatsoever for any kind of safety. They shot randomly into a group of people inside the bakery so obviously this was a very serious incident that occurred,” said Toronto Police Inspector Tim Crone.

Violent gang crime continues to rise in much of Canada, in large part because the left-wing mayors in many of those cities are pandering to political correctness, weakening the police, pushing for pro-criminal policies that put law-abiding people at risk, and demonizing law-abiding gun owners instead of cracking down on actual gang crime:

“Innocent people continue to get gunned down by gang violence in big cities, yet the ‘leaders’ of those cities spend all their time trying to take away guns from law-abiding people in the rest of the country. Absurd and dangerous.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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