Justin Trudeau & Chrystia Freeland Are Willing To Destroy Your Entire Financial Future So They Can Win An Election

Trudeau and the Liberals believe they’ll be able to blame others when their plan to ‘reshape Canada’ results in economic devastation.

What happens to people like Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland if Canada has a debt crisis?


They can simply fly around the world and hang out with their powerful elitist friends.

They’ll fly to New York, or LA, or Paris, or London.

They’ll move their families to some new elitist haven.

No matter what happens to Canada, they’ll be just fine.

How about the rest of us?

What about you?

Well, chances are you’ll be here to deal with the consequences.

And that’s exactly what the Trudeau Liberals are counting on.

Trudeau and Freeland have no real ‘skin in the game.’

If their incredibly dangerous experiment of running $500 BILLION deficits while reducing economic growth goes badly (as it certainly will), they can just leave the country and go elsewhere.

They probably even think that others will get blamed for it all – and the corrupt establishment media will certainly try to make that happen.

Canada is in Danger

This is an incredibly dangerous moment for Canada.

The Liberals are about to turn a temporary emergency measure (huge deficits and payments to Citizens when asking people to stay home), into something permanent.

They never ran on this.

They never said they would do this.

Canadians didn’t ask for it.

But they’re planning to do it anyway.

The consequences will be felt by us, when interest rates rise, when debt gets out of control, when taxes surge, when social programs are slashed to the bone as revenue collapses, as investment flees the nation, as jobs evaporate, as confidence is demolished, and more.

You will pay the price.

You will face the consequences.

Trudeau, Freeland, and the other elites will get away unharmed, while leaving us with the flaming wreckage.

That cannot be allowed to happen.

The Liberals must be stopped.

We need to talk to our family members, we need to talk to our friends, we need to talk to our coworkers.

We need to fight the lies that will be spread by the corrupt Liberals and the corrupt establishment press, and make sure that every Canadian knows how dangerous the Liberals are.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


The Corrupt Establishment Media is trying to keep the Corrupt Trudeau Liberals in power. Only Independent Media can fight back. If you want to SUPPORT Spencer Fernando, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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Steve Walker

What suggestion do you have? You are incapable of offering a common sense solution.
You offer nothing but negativity.




Steve, yes the left is very negative and the mainstream media is lieberal paid off so you will not hear what is really happening, it is important, so we can get rid of the left. If you and your family are colonial English Canadians, nothing to worry about we are to be gotten rid of, Trudeau has said he does not like us, have you ever read the books by Kalergi? They are all about what is happening around the world right now too by the globalist (who are hiding this now by calling the books a conspiracy theory, but… Read more »

Brian Dougan

Mr. Walker: Spencer is stating the obvious facts. If you want pie-in-the-sky commentary; you won’t find it here. Just the straight goods. The “common sense” solution is to defeat the Trudeau Liberals. They are a toxic scourge on what’s left of this once prosperous country. Let us know your solution. Yet higher taxes? “Free” money? The sluggards stay in bed, and the Liberals “pay” them not to work? How long do you think that would last? Where is the incentive to work? How will you pay for it? Would you cheerlead further destruction of the oil and gas sector? Call… Read more »


Alberta must leave now. ab51pac.com


This is exactly what the globalist elites want , a country so far in debt with little or no chance of getting out of it, an impoverished people that will do their bidding working for minimum wages because if the debt and taxes owed that even at a $100,000 income you still won’t be able to make ends meet. This comes right out of the globalist play book set up by the elite members of the Bilderberg Group.


This agenda anti Canadian government is out of control, I was just reading the NNSL media from our northern Territories. In Ontario the lieberal tax paid news has had no mention of things going on that I have seen anywhere. The Russians were up there flying around in some jets (FU 27’s I think) and missed a USA B-52 bomber by 100 ft on their way out of our waters, so Canada had our fighter jets flying all over towns etc. repeatedly days after a NORAD practice with the USA, Thank you USA for your protection again. (this was August… Read more »

gary Major

Spencer your 100% right this is an experiment by trudy/freeland & company that they will take 0 responsibility!

very old white guy

Spencer, it is a sad thing to have to say but Canadians on average are not smart enough to understand the peril they have placed themselves in . They are not even smart enough to understand that the sars-cov-2 was used to destroy the economy and their actions were based on flawed computer modeling, modeling which they are still using to justify the destruction of lives and businesses. Spencer Canadians are not smart enough, or this is what they want.

Ann Harris

I wouldn’t class them as ‘not smart enough’. They’re simply ‘uninformed’ or ‘misinformed’. Academia have ruined the past few generations. A very high percentage of university PROFs are leftwing, if not outright socialists or dare I say Marxist/Communists. They have convinced our youth that Canada was colonized hence, in their words, stolen from First Nations. They’ve been convinced to hate Canada and that Canada is systemically racist. Our most urgent issue is Trudeau’s (a proud Global Citizen not a proud Canadian) goal is to hand Canada over to the One World Order as a ‘state’ while depriving us of our… Read more »


By and large, Canadians have only two things on the brain: watching NHL players and chugging down Tim Hortons coffee. As long as they receive an unlimited supply of either and you keep the Eastern time zone oinking, the good times are going to continue to roll for you.

Butts honed his strategy in Ontario (“green shift”). Now he’s taking on the nation and getting the ultimate payoff.

al rose

It would be very helpful to Canadians if you allowed people to comment their feelings about the vile corrupt liberals on here but alas you do not allow it . Anyone who has been closely following the evil left in the US is getting a front row seat into how Trudeau.s mind works and how his little huggy smiley ways have fooled Canadians , as he tried to hide is socialist/ communist vision for Canada . ok you can delete it

Douglas Robilliard

Well said Spencer I am sick to my stomach over this disgraceful sick gov’t! really at all levels!

Thomas Tass

Many Canadians are sadly too lazy to do anything about this. When the collapse comes the will whine.


You can thank the Eastern “dumpster bears” for that.

David Henley

Canadians are so dependent on this government they refuse to wake up. Lazy and blind. The world changed overnight and they can’t see it. Liberal and NDP collaboration have destroyed Canada. Yet I continue to see these sheep blindly following the script written by these politicians. Driving the car alone with a mask. I hate going out because all I see is stupid people become more stupid and try and force their stupidity on others with these masks of silence. An amazing tactical brainwashing of the people. Mainstream media must be held accountable for their part but I don’t see… Read more »


These “criminals” have done their homework for decades. Once the stars were completely aligned, the leftists saw their chance. They needed a weak nation with a weak system and a second-generation government head with neither a heart nor a soul nor any respect for anyone or anything but himself. They have hit the grand jackpot and are not about to let it out of their sight any time soon.


These two Corrupt Liberals Individuals have to GO ASAP along with the rest of the Liberal Cronies! Canadians have had ENOUGH!


You can’t get any kind of a revolution going under the conditions we are now facing. The plan is working.


Red Tory & fake conservative O’Toole?


Canadians had the option to fix Canada after 50+ years of #LibCons by electing a PPC gov’t but still voted for a legacy old tired and corrupt Establishment party.
Canadians fully deserve what is coming for them.

A Cook

We have a minority government. The Conservatives should step in and stop this.

Dexter Blacklab

Any Canadian with half a brain knows the trouble this country is in, but what do you suggest we do? All of western Canada voted with a vengeance to get him out but yet, here he is! What can we do when 2 provinces in this country decide who gets in? You’re preaching to the choir here- start preaching it to our fellow Canadians in Quebec and Ontario. Our voice (and vote) out west mean nothing.