A Trudeau-Caused Debt Crisis Could Give China More Control Over Our Economy & Even Our Territory

The Liberals risk taking Canada away from Canadians, forcing it to be sold off piece by piece.

The Port of Piraeus in Greece is a historic location.

In 471 BC, the previously rarely-used island connected to Attica was transformed into a powerful harbour that formed a central part of Athens military and economic power, including the base for their fleet – one of the strongest in the world at the time.

Since then, the influence of the Port has gone up and down with the fortunes of Greece over all, but it remains a site of tremendous history and a key component of Greek culture.

It is also now majority owned by China.

Why would Greece allow this to happen?

Simply put, they got desperate.

During their debt crisis, Greece was increasingly unable to get loans from the European Central Bank or other Western institutions on anything approaching ‘favourable terms.’

But China was glad to step in, just as they have in other countries facing desperate circumstances.

Of course, the money didn’t come without strings attached.

Greece had privatized the port, and China was glad to make an offer. In 2009, a majority stake in the port was sold to COSCO, a Chinese shipping company.

Currently, China’s COSCO owns 67% of shares in the Port.

Considering that all companies in China – especially large companies – are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP in effect controls a key lever of Greece’s economy, and controls a key site of Greek (and Western) history.

This has happened in other countries, including Sri Lanka, where China not only bought a port, but also about sixty square KM of land surrounding the port.

What will happen to Canada?

That brings us to Canada.

Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland are scheming to turn the temporary (and necessary at the time) emergency economic relief measures into permanent budget-busting programs that explode our national debt and push Canada towards a debt crisis.

If that happens – and all it would take would be a small rise in interest rates to cause a debt spiral – just imagine how much of our nation will be taken away by China.

Not only economically, but also in terms of territory. China might buy up and take our land.

China has already largely infiltrated our economic and political elite, with large portions of BC already dominated by CCP linked individuals.

If Canada went through a debt crisis, our country would be stolen from us, with China gaining more and more power.

That’s why the dangerous debt surge being pushed by Trudeau and Freeland is not only dangerous economically, but dangerous to our national security and is deeply anti-Canadian.

China is salivating at the prospect of buying up more and more of Canada thanks to a Trudeau-caused debt crisis, and that is one of many reasons the Liberals must be stopped.

Spencer Fernando

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