As Canadians Mark Labour Day, Trudeau Prepares The Ultimate Betrayal Of Canadian Workers

If Trudeau buries our nation and debt and pushes an anti-jobs, anti-worker ‘green scheme,’ the impact on you, your family, and everyone you love will be devastating.

On Labour Day, it would be great if we could celebrate having a government that actually cared about Canadian workers.

Unfortunately, what we have is the exact opposite.

The Trudeau Liberals have been anti-worker from the beginning.

They look down on Canadian workers, particularly workers in the energy sector, manufacturing, forestry, construction, and more.

All the jobs that actually keep Canada running are the jobs the Liberals want to eliminate.

Instead, the Liberals seem to think that they should only serve the elites.

And it’s getting worse.

With their plans to push a ‘green scheme’ and run gigantic deficits for years to come (something the Parliamentary Budget Officer is already warning against), the Liberals will destroy the livelihoods of millions of Canadian Workers.

It will be the biggest betrayal of Canada’s Working Class that we have ever seen in Canadian history.

The Liberals will drown us in debt, ship our jobs to other countries, cause investment to flee, drive down wages, destroy growth, and let China take more and more of our country. Canadian workers will become poorer, more vulnerable, and in many cases, jobless.

This cannot be allowed to happen.

All Canadians must spread the word far and wide, and ensure that the Liberals dangerous betrayal of our workers is stopped.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Guy-Paul Roy

Jagmeet/N.D.P. will decide what the ECONOMY will be in Canada? Sheer got the Popular Vote!!! Sad day for Canada and Canadians from Coast to Coast to Coast. Africa has Dictators with more class than our Turd in the Punch Bowl.


It sounds like he is accelerating the U.N.’s Global Agenda and will introduce the universal basic income etc. Reckless and bad timing considering all the unrest that is currently happening in the world. On the other hand, perhaps the bad timing is intentional.


To create a more controllable economy where he doesn’t have to take responsibility.

Rick Guyatt

Exactly like Joe “Gaffe” Biden is expousing for the United States. End of democracy. George Soros and others are funding the self-destruction of both the States and Canada and any other country that is a democracy. Get used to it stupid people who voted Liberal or Democrat……YOU are the ones who elect them and then pay NO attention to these corrupt bastards as they slowly have been KNIFING you and yours in the back every time they are in power. Hope YOU are proud of yourselves!!!


Stupid Leftist Canadians have had it too good for too long. They won’t learn from history or other peoples suffering. They will only learn from their own suffering. And because they are the brain-washed majority in a democracy, the rest of us must suffer along with them. As William Aberhart used to say: “If they haven’t enough, its their God given right to suffer some more”.