WATCH: Erin O’Toole Delivers Labour Day Message, Promises To Put Canadian Workers First

This is exactly the kind of message the Conservatives need to expand their support and become the party of Working Class Canadians.

For some time, I’ve been talking about how the Conservatives need to become the party of Canadian Workers.

Rather than pushing policies that benefit global corporations and well-connected elites, Canadians need a party that stands up for the workers of our country who have been betrayed over and over again.

Erin O’Toole seems to get that.

In his Labour Day Message, O’Toole talks about how he comes from a family of autoworkers, and laments the fact that bad trade deals and the obsession with trading with China have severely damaged Canadian Workers.

Instead, O’Toole is pushing for a ‘Canada First’ economic policy, that will focus on higher wages and stronger families.

This is exactly what Canada needs, especially with Justin Trudeau planning a ‘green scheme’ that would devastate our economy and ruin things for generations to come.

If the Conservatives stick to this messaging, and follow through with real policy ideas, they will be taking a huge step towards defeating the Liberals and truly representing Canada’s loyal, Patriotic working class.

You can watch O’Toole’s message below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter