Why The Hell Hasn’t The Canadian Government Advised All Our Citizens To Leave China?

The risks continue to rise, and the refusal to warn Canadians is totally indefensible.

Canadians Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor are still jailed by Communist China.

The charges against them are obviously made up, simply an excuse for China to hold two innocent Canadians hostage to ‘send a message’ to our country.

The message is intimidation, and an attempt to coerce Canada into doing the bidding of the CCP.

Clearly, it is far too dangerous for Canadians to remain in China.

Every Canadian Citizen currently in China – regardless of who they are or what they do – is at risk of being kidnapped at any time by the Chinese Communist State, and used as leverage in disputes between Canada and the CCP.

And now, China is stepping up their campaign against journalists, with two journalists from Australia fleeing the country after it became clear they were at risk of being detained.

Michael Smith and Bill Birtles, were the last two Australian journalists in China. They received an unannounced visit by Chinese state security, and were then banned from leaving the country.

It took five days of negotiations for them to be allowed to leave.

Australia has been a key target of China’s threats and intimidation, and that same treatment is being applied to Canada.

It’s not only what’s happening, but the direction of events.

China is getting more and more ruthless, and the risk is rising.

It is a total disgrace that the Canadian government has not warned all of our Citizens to leave the country. Their refusal to do so makes it appear that the Trudeau Liberals are still total cowards in regards to China, and would rather leave our Citizens at risk than stand up to the CCP.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube