Health Canada Retweets Video Saying “Fu*K CCP” & “#TakeDownTheCCP”

UPDATE: As expected, Health Canada removed the Retweet. As you will read below however, it’s still interesting that it happened at all.

Is it a mistake, or is someone sending a message?

While the Trudeau government has been pathetically weak towards China, it seems someone at Health Canada is taking a different approach.

In a interesting Retweet, Health Canada’s official Twitter account Retweeted a Tweet that says “#Fu*k CCP” and “#TakeDownThe CCP.”

You can see the Tweet below, along with screenshots showing it was Retweeted by Health Canada:

Clearly, the Retweet will be undone shortly, but the evidence is above.

It’s interesting that this happened.

It’s either a mistake, or perhaps someone on their last day is tired of the weakness the Liberal government shows towards China and decided to send a message on their way out.

Whatever the case is, it’s refreshing to see the government criticize the CCP for a change, and it will be interesting to see how this all plays out!

Spencer Fernando

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