Health Canada Retweets Video Saying “Fu*K CCP” & “#TakeDownTheCCP”

UPDATE: As expected, Health Canada removed the Retweet. As you will read below however, it’s still interesting that it happened at all.

Is it a mistake, or is someone sending a message?

While the Trudeau government has been pathetically weak towards China, it seems someone at Health Canada is taking a different approach.

In a interesting Retweet, Health Canada’s official Twitter account Retweeted a Tweet that says “#Fu*k CCP” and “#TakeDownThe CCP.”

You can see the Tweet below, along with screenshots showing it was Retweeted by Health Canada:

Clearly, the Retweet will be undone shortly, but the evidence is above.

It’s interesting that this happened.

It’s either a mistake, or perhaps someone on their last day is tired of the weakness the Liberal government shows towards China and decided to send a message on their way out.

Whatever the case is, it’s refreshing to see the government criticize the CCP for a change, and it will be interesting to see how this all plays out!

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter

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[…] Earlier today, someone with access to Health Canada’s official Twitter (@GovCanHealth) retweeted a tweet that says “#TakeDownTheCCP”, Spencer Fernando reported.  […]


Frame this tweet, hang it over our beds, Canadians!!!! Who ever tweeted this should be in our government, because they love our country and we need to love our country and unit all together to protect it from those who are dismantling it.