REPORT: WE Charity To Shut Down Canadian Operations, Kielburger’s Stepping Down

News of the shutdown was broken by Canadaland.

WE Charity is done in Canada.

The organization that was nearly elevated to the seat of power when Justin Trudeau tried directing a gigantic taxpayer-funded program towards them, is now ending operations in Canada entirely.

The news was broken by Canadaland:

As you can see in the Tweet above, WE had put a statement on their website late in August that sounded like a farewell.

Here’s what WE said in a letter issued today:

“COVID-19 disrupted every aspect of our work. The fallout from the Canada Student Service Grant has placed us as a charity in the middle of political battles and misinformation that we are ill-equipped to fight. The financial math for the charity’s future is clear.”

Now, it remains to be seen if WE will continue in other parts of the world, or if this is the end for the organization entirely.

Currently, their US and UK operations are ongoing, and ME to WE (the for-profit arm of the organization) has not been shut down.

Before the WE Scandal caused by Trudeau, the charity was already struggling, with big layoffs, removal of many members of various boards, and the selling of real estate that seemed to point to financial problems.

There is quite an irony here.

Justin Trudeau seemed to think he was saving the charity (which paid over half a million to his family), by giving them the huge taxpayer funded program, when the scandal caused by his actions may have led to the end of WE.

Another example of Trudeau’s unique mix of unethical incompetence.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube