Morneau Guilty Of Violating Elections Act, ‘Punishment’ Is Laughably Weak Fine

$300 is probably the price of a spoon at his French Villa.

Former Liberal finance minister Bill Morneau has been found guilty of violating the Elections Act.

The violation was Morneau promoting Liberal candidates during an official government event in which he was acting as finance minister.

In one case, Morneau spoke at an event on July 29, 2019, where he praised Liberal candidate Anita Anand.

Then, on August 27, Morneau was at an official government event when he took photos with Liberal candidate Michele Fisher.

Morneau’s ‘punishment’ is laughably weak.

He will have to pay a $300 fine.

That’s probably what one spoon costs at his French Villa, so he isn’t going to miss the money.

It also shows what a weak incentive the system has for politicians to do the right thing.

Of course, that’s no surprise, since the corrupt system was created by the politicians themselves.

They created the legislation that ‘punishes’ them, so it’s no surprise they made it so weak.

Yet again, we see that the system is designed to prop up and defend the elites, while betraying and attacking the rest of us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube