The Liberals are clearly trying to purposely make Canadians poorer.

When the Liberals introduced the carbon tax, many people – including myself – predicted that it was just the beginning.

They wouldn’t stop there.

They would keep taking more and more money out of your pocket.

And those concerns have been vindicated.

As first reported by John Ivison, the Liberals are planning to introduce a second carbon tax.

It’s being called the Canadian Fuel Standard.

It will raise the price of gasoline, all fuels, home heating, and more.

“But signals coming out of Ottawa in advance of the throne speech indicate that the extra charges coming to consumers and businesses will be costly, as home-heating bills and the price at the pumps dig even more deeply into Canadian pockets. Businesses, meanwhile, are potentially looking at double-digit percentage increases in energy costs. As Canadian individuals and business-owners are finally emerging from their COVID-induced hibernation, the Liberal government is putting together a plan to make their post-pandemic lives more expensive to meet, or even beat, its climate targets.”

Whatever the Liberals call it, this is a second carbon tax.

It will further cripple Canadians who are already suffering after the huge hit to our economy from the CCP Virus.

It will be devastating for the energy sector, hurt Canadian manufacturing, push jobs and investment out of our country, and make us more dependent on imports from countries like China.

At this point it is now abundantly clear that the Trudeau Liberals are purposely trying to make you poorer:

“Canada already has a carbon tax. We already have a gas tax. The fact that the Liberals are planning to introduce yet more taxes on fuel is clear evidence that they are purposely trying to make you poorer. That is the agenda.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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pancake rachel corrie


Brian Dougan

One thing is clear: The nauseating Trudeau isn’t trying to please his Chinese masters. They could care less about climate hysteria. (Pollution; greenhouse gases; blah blah.) The flatulent Trudeau is–to put Spencer’s conclusion in slightly different words–Trying to skin us alive. The Canadian tolerance for pain seems to be without limit. I hope the next election proves me wrong. Canada had his loathsome father for sixteen long years. One more year of his evil spawn will be the final nail in our coffin.


Maybe when a few thousand brain dead Canucks freeze to death in their cold houses the rest will have their epiphany moment.

Rich D.

I think more people will start working under the table. Many won’t even have a choice it’s just what they have to do to stay alive


Every single thing we need to live will cost more. Think hard before buying Made in Canada or Product of Canada, as Trudeau thinks just Canadian stuff pollutes. His Chinese friends don’t pollute. DO NOT contribute to the NDP or Liberals.

Guy-Paul Roy

Tax the Taxed Taxed !! Hell, Why not ?? We are all stupid as we did believe Pierre Idiot was #1 Turd in the Punch Bowl. WE WERE WRONG. Justin will go down as the most disgusting Turd in the Punch Bowl. Soooo. Why not Tax the Taxed Taxed as they are Usually WRONG anyways?? Seems Suckers are born everyday anyways?? Screw the West as we REAL People will take the East.

Douglas Robilliard

a jerk is what this thing is!


“…and make us more dependent on imports from countries like China.”

hmmmm, almost like it’s part of the plan…

Rick Guyatt

With the way the pro-Liberal reporting by Canadian MSM is these days, just like the pro-Democrat MSM is in the USA, perhaps some computer whiz entrepreneur who is pro-Conservative can set up shop just out of the reach of gov’t censorship, in the same vein that Radio Free Europe beamed Free World News into Iron Curtain controlled countries in the old USSR days. Then maybe, just maybe some of the people, that base their vote for the Lib-Turds and the Dumb-Crats based on what they hear coming from the biased and usually fake news from the bought and paid for… Read more »