VIDEO: Incompetent Patty Hajdu Tries Deflecting Blame For Decision To Eliminate Canada’s Pandemic Warning System

Hajdu says she was “completely unaware” it even existed. Sounds like pathetic incompetence.

For some time, it has been obvious that Patty Hajdu is incompetent.

She got everything wrong on the CCP Virus, saying there was “low risk,” saying it would be stopped before spreading in the country, saying border controls would “cause harm,” saying “stigma” was the biggest threat, trusting China’s obviously false case/death numbers, and more.

On literally every aspect of the virus and the response, Hajdu got it wrong.

Not only did Hajdu lack the expertise, but – even worse – she lacked common-sense, allowing shallow political correctness to ‘guide’ her decisions.

The only thing that stopped a total disaster in the country was that many provincial governments wisely stepped in as Hajdu, Tam, and Trudeau flailed around.

Yet, Hajdu apparently hasn’t learned anything from her failures.

As I reported a while back, the Trudeau Liberals gutted Canada’s pandemic warning system, just before the pandemic hit.

And now, Hajdu is trying to pin the blame on others:

“Hajdu says no one at the political level knew about the decision to sideline public health’s pandemic alert system. She was unaware of the existence of the GPHIN when she became health minister”

This is disgusting.

Hajdu shows ZERO leadership ability, and takes ZERO responsibility.

Either she was part of the decision to shut it down, and made a huge mistake, or her ignorance of the early warning system even existing is itself an example of total incompetence and she must resign.

If she had been right about a few things, maybe this oversight could be forgiven. But she has been wrong over and over and over again, and she continues to demonstrate that she simply doesn’t have the skill to handle the health minister role.

Spencer Fernando

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