#FireTrudeau Is Trending In Canada

It’s one of the top trends in Canada right now.

Canadians are slamming Justin Trudeau’s failed record, with #FireTrudeau trending on Twitter as one of the top trends in the country.

Despite the corrupt establishment media covering for him, Trudeau and the Liberal government are being widely criticized on a variety of fronts.

Canadians are angry about secret Liberal plans to regulate the internet (a massive attack on free speech), Patty Hajdu’s repeated CCP Virus failures and continued praise of China, the attempt to exploit the crisis to impose a radical-left debt-binge ‘green agenda,’ ongoing corruption scandals, and more.

As a result, many Canadians are taking to Twitter to slam the Liberal government and spread the #FireTrudeau message:

“#FireTrudeau everyday all day long.”

“Should we #FireTrudeau for incompetence? Should we #FireTrudeau for his ethics violations? Should we #FireTrudeau for his divisive politics? Should we #FireTrudeau for ruining the economy and taking-on over $500 billion in debt in just 120 days?

Decisions, decisions.”


“Another liberal minister caught rigging things for liberals friends. She should resign immediately



As you know, the next campaign, and the long-term battle for Canada is in many ways already underway. The corrupt establishment media is at war against common-sense Canadians (as we saw when they attacked Erin O’Toole for opposing the disturbing ‘cuties’ movie), and they are doing everything they can to keep the corrupt Liberals in power.

We can’t let that happen.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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