Liberals Plotting Secret Internet Regulations In Attack On Free Expression

The more the corrupt establishment media and corrupt politicians lose power over the information battlefield, the more they try to silence our voices.

A while back, Liberal heritage minister Steven Guilbeault said the Trudeau government would require news organizations to be licensed.

The move caused a massive uproar, with Canadians rightfully pointing out that it was something often seen in fascist communist states.

Guilbeault and the Liberals backtracked temporarily, as they often do when facing a huge backlash: Wait for the anger to die down and then re-implement the hated idea.

And now, they are trying again.

As first reported by Blacklock’s, the Liberals have already drafted legislation to ‘regulate legal internet content.’

But they’re keeping it a secret.

Anyone who wants to read it has to go through the Access to Information system, a system that has been rigged and corrupted by the Liberals to increasingly redact and often outright refuse to release information to the public.

In effect, the Liberals are hiding it from the Canadian People:

“Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault has drafted legislation to regulate legal internet content but will not release it to the public. Guilbeault’s department said anyone wanting to read a confidential discussion paper detailing the regulations should file a $5 Access To Information request: “It has not been shared publicly.””

What are the Liberals hiding?

We can already know what’s going on here.

They are plotting an attack on free expression.

It’s an extension of their massive funding boost for CBC and their corrupt media bailout.

The Liberals and the elites are watching their power slowly evaporate, as people like you and me are able to share our opinions, build an audience, fight back against lies, and stand up for the truth.

And so, rather than allow free expression, and rather than take a moment to ask why more and more people are trusting Independent Media over the establishment, they are seeking to use their power to control opposing voices, with the end goal of silencing us.

There are already laws against spreading hate and calling for violence. The existing criminal code can deal with that.

Thus, there is no need for new regulations on legal content.

But this isn’t actually about laws.

It’s about power.

The Liberals and the establishment media still have a lot of power, and as they feel it slipping away they are seeking to abuse their power to destroy the competition.

If we let that happen, democracy and free expression in Canada will be crushed.

We must fight back.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


The Corrupt Establishment Media is trying to keep the Corrupt Trudeau Liberals in power. Only Independent Media can fight back. If you want to SUPPORT Spencer Fernando, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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If you have access to this drafted Gov’t regulation you should include it in your article. That would help your readers know exactly what you are asking us to fight against.


ANY quelling of our freedom of speech on ANY ‘platform’ is a good enough reason for me to fight back, Christine !!!!
Wake up – Trudeau is trying to completely change Canada and NOT for the better.
More in line with his ‘preferred style of government’ which IS communism, and losing our freedom of speech means we’re halfway there when we are NOT allowed to speak against him, his government, his policies or anything else for that matter…….
THAT’S what happens in dictatorships.


“There are already laws against spreading hate and calling for violence. The existing criminal code can deal with that.”

Sections 318 and 319 of the Criminal Code of Canada. Read them and see how they apply to the literature of a peaceful “religion”.

Beverley Campbell

Honestly, this guy Gilbeault cannot tell a good haircut from a terrible haircut so let him blather on about his secret muffling of the public, we are ready for him.

Gee Bee

Guilbeault is the individual who got himself charged with mischief for scaling the CN Tower in 2001 in a Greenpeace stunt – an organization that he was active with for several years.
He seems to have forgotten what he may have learned about civil rights while working with the Canadian Human Rights Foundation 1992-1993. Only the terminally naive believe that his ilk have any interest in defending the rights and freedoms of working middle-class Canadians. What does he know about Canadian Heritage? Shame.

Thomas Tass

Yet another clownish figure otherwise known as a Liberal MP

Faith Cook

We can always go back to an older and well used avenue of getting the messages out… paper fliers being air dropped as in WWII..we are in a war.