Rempel Garner Rips Hajdu: “Her Deadly Decisions Cost Canadians Their Lives”

The new Conservative Health Critic isn’t holding back in slamming Hajdu’s horrendous record on the CCP Virus.

Conservative Health Critic Michelle Rempel Garner has taken the gloves off in her criticism of failed health minister Patty Hajdu.

Hajdu has been facing renewed criticism after admitting she knew about the CCP Virus threat in December, yet said the ‘risk was low’ and opposed border closures for many months after.

Now, Rempel Garner is pointing out how Hajdu was still being a total hypocrite in March, doing a packed photo op and then calling for ‘social distancing’ a day later:

“March 12 – visits a packed hall at Canada’s health agency for a photo op. March 13 – asks people to socially distance. This, after she knew about the dangers of the virus in late December and did nothing for months. Her deadly decisions cost Canadians their lives.”

This is a clear escalation in the rhetoric by the Conservatives against Hajdu, and it’s about damn time.

Hajdu has been an absolute total failure and debacle during the crisis, and continues to defend China’s obviously false virus numbers.

Because of the Corrupt Establishment Media, the Liberals still get strong ratings from the public on their handling of the crisis, but with the Conservative now fighting much harder to slam Hajdu’s pathetic failures, the Liberals will no longer have a free ride.

Spencer Fernando


The Corrupt Establishment Media is trying to keep the Corrupt Trudeau Liberals in power. Only Independent Media can fight back. If you want to SUPPORT Spencer Fernando, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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D Met

One could plausibly argue that the mainstream media is also complicit in the deaths of Canadians as they have been pushing, and thereby publicly validating, the false Liberal narrative. Sadly, many unsuspecting readers/viewers will believe the MSM falsehoods and give blind, uninformed support to the corrupt, scandal-ridden Trudeau government.


Canada needs a Michelle Rempel, a Pierre Poilievre, a Derek Sloan, a Spencer Fernando, etc. someone with a real care about Canadians to lead Canada back to true progress while protecting Canada from the CCP/UN and it’s agenda groups that are destroying, putting us into horrible debt and dividing our once great nation.

Thank you Michelle Rempel for working for Canada.

Major Tom

It’s not about the Plandemic…….! It’s not about the infected….it’s about the bodies! Where are they? Why is the middle class being destroyed?


It’s about bloody time.

Marian Joudoin

Facts Canadians Facts. Canada deserves better. Time to rid Canada of poor performance and all the Corruption tied to Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.


From here on out, I strongly recommend that Rempel not dress like that. Trust me, dressing like a correspondent at a Raptors match is not going to get you taken seriously.


she should have been fire long ago


Hajdu should never have been Elected! She is NOT qualified for Any Job in Parliament, let alone one of the most important Jobs – Health Minister. She, Theresa Tam, the PM and the whole Liberal Party have Blood on their Hands!


Why did liberal party put MPs into the jobs the jobs that are not capable of holding,and why these MPs accepted the jobs that are not qualiffied for.Wouldn’t it be better to say ,sorry I’m. just not qualified for that job.To be an MP is to hold responsibility.It is not a joke or just a job.What are you going to tell to the people that lost the loved ones.You are sorry.Was your pride more important than Canadian people.