Canada Has Highest Unemployment Rate In The G7

This is happening at the same time as the Canadian government is spending far more than most countries.

If Canada’s media wasn’t in the tank for the Liberals, they would be under siege for their endless failures during the CCP Virus Crisis.

On the economic front, Canada’s response stands out in the G7, but not in a good way.

Canada has spent about 50% more on average (per capita), during the crisis, while we simultaneously have the highest unemployment rate in the G7.

As compiled by the OECD, the average OECD unemployment rate is 7.7%.

The latest recorded unemployment rate for Canada is 10.2%, contrasted to 8.4% in the United States, 4.4% in Germany, and 6.9% in France.

Out of the G7 countries, Canada has the highest unemployment rate.

In fact, out of the 37 countries in the OECD, only Colombia and Spain have higher unemployment rates than we do.

Perhaps this is part of the reason so many Canadians were rightfully enraged when the Liberals talked about imposing a radical far-left ‘green agenda.’

Canadians don’t want radical and dangerous schemes messing up our lives and ruining the economy. Canadians want an economic recovery that focuses on the basics, good jobs, rising wages, and growth.

And as the numbers show, Canada starts the recovery far behind most of our peers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube