Chrystia Freeland Is Misleading Canadians About Aluminum Quotas

“It’s pretty evident to me that Canada has agreed to quotas on unwrought aluminum without telling the public,” says expert.

Yesterday, the United States announced they would rescind the 10% tariff on Canadian aluminum.

The move was spun as a huge win by Chrystia Freeland, who held a press conference and basked in media attention.

And while the end of the tariffs on Canadian aluminum are certainly a good thing, it appears Freeland is misleading Canadians.

Freeland repeatedly said that Canada ‘didn’t give up anything,’ trying to portray the move as a US surrender on tariffs without Canada having to do anything in return.

However, it increasingly appears that Freeland’s words don’t match up with reality, according to a recent report:

“Jesse Goldman, a lawyer at Borden Ladner Gervais, said the Canadian government’s position on Tuesday could even be seen as an agreement with the U.S. to limit Canada’s aluminum export market.

“It’s pretty evident to me that Canada has agreed to quotas on unwrought aluminum without telling the public,” he said, adding that public intervention might be required to avoid future tariffs.”

The report also notes that while Freeland said “Canada does not accept quotas,“the new thresholds set by the U.S. fall well below monthly trade, which could kneecap Canadian manufacturers and kick off a new round of uncertainty for the industry.”

In short, it appears Freeland and the Trudeau government have indeed tacitly accepted quotas.

If it was really true that Canada doesn’t accept quotas, then Freeland would have moved forward with retaliatory tariffs on US aluminum.

She didn’t, and instead accepted the US quotas.

The most likely scenario here is that Freeland gave in to the US behind the scenes, and they simply allowed her to save face by falsely claiming Canada didn’t concede anything.

Of course, the US also made a concession in ending the tariffs, so they will claim a win as well.

However, the long-term impact of this will mean less Canadian aluminum going to the US, which is a net win for the US government, and a net loss for Canadian industry.

Once again, Freeland talks a big game with the corrupt media backing her, but fails to get actual results for Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube