If Canada’s Establishment Media Actually Did Their Jobs, Patty Hajdu Would Have Already Resigned In Disgrace

Any objective look at the facts shows Hajdu has been wrong on everything to do with the CCP Virus. The fact that she is still in her job shows Trudeau’s willingness to tolerate incompetence, and the media’s push to cover-up the Liberals.

Let’s imagine an alternate universe:

In this universe, everything is the same except the establishment media in Canada actually does their jobs, rather than being bought off by the Liberals.

In this alternate universe, Patty Hajdu – former health minister – has resigned in disgrace.

Hajdu was forced to resign amid massive public anger over her repeated failures on the CCP Virus.

Hajdu had been informed in December of the risk – by her own admission – yet continued to claim the risk was low for many months.

She opposed border closures – saying they could “cause harm,” only for Justin Trudeau to say weeks later that border controls “would save lives.”

Hajdu had talked about how masks weren’t necessary, only to reverse herself again and again.

She gave away 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment to China (after she says she was briefed on how big the threat was), forcing Canada to desperately buy back PPE from China.

The media covered all of this, and held Hajdu accountable.

This led to the widespread perception that Hajdu was incompetent, and she had to resign.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the universe we live in.

Instead, we live in a universe where the establishment media is totally in the tank for the Liberals, and prefers talking about the United States rather than holding our own government accountable.

As a result, many Canadians still see Hajdu has having done a good job, since that’s the message the media has repeatedly pounded into their heads.

Still, more people are seeing her failures.

After many months of people like myself and other Independent Media holding Hajdu accountable, some of the establishment press have slowly started to raise some questions – weakly of course.

Because of Independent Media – and more importantly – because of people like you who are sharing and spreading our message, more people are seeing how incompetent Hajdu and the Liberals were, and are pushing back against the lies of the establishment press.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


The Corrupt Establishment Media is trying to keep the Corrupt Trudeau Liberals in power. Only Independent Media can fight back. If you want to SUPPORT Spencer Fernando, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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Arie Intveld

As is the case with all three levels of government, the media are also the quockerwodgers and wankspangles for the New World Order. Be afraid and submit, peasant!


“more people are seeing how incompetent Hajdu and the Liberals were”, and still are. Trudeau keeps Ministers like Hajdu, Blair and McKenna around because their incompetence makes him look good. That is one of the reasons he ran Jody and Jane off. Narcissists simply cannot tolerate someone being better.


Establishment paid media is dreadful and should be shut down, or just de-funded and charged if we still had any law and order. What makes me really wonder, as we all wanted Hadju and Tam to step down from way back in January and February but when Derek Sloan tried to make Tam step down and I do not think he was at all racist we all knew that WHO was backed by Chinese communists, even his own Party did not really support him let alone the other parties but he was doing what many many Canadians thought should be… Read more »

Rick Guyatt

Propaganda Patty should start dressing up in CCP Military Uniform and start goose stepping around Ottawa….she might as well IMO as she seems to be in lock step support of whatever the CCP wants….just like her boss…the Turd. All Lib-Turds of this gov’t should be in jail for the constant damage they have done to Canada since 2015 IMO.

Maybe then, just maybe all those Canadians who voted for these idiots would finally start using their brains to vote them out asap!!!!!