It’s Time For Politicians To Give Up Their Crisis Powers

The initial response to uncertainty and a new virus was important. But now, we know what to do, and individual responsibility, not government power, must take over.

When the CCP Virus threat was growing, Canada’s politicians – particularly the Liberal government – refused to use their already-existing powers to protect Canadians.

They refused to shut the borders.

They said ‘racism’ was the biggest threat.

They failed to implement screening at airports.

They failed to use the power of Canadian Border Services to protect Canadians from the external virus threat.

And so, the threat entered our country, causing the deaths of thousands of Canadians.

Initially, when the virus was unknown – and the threat of a horrific death wave was still possible – shutting down the schools, imposing lockdowns, and providing financial support to Canadians was a wise and necessary move.

Yet, this temporary expansion of government power was explicitly promoted as being about stopping the healthcare system from being overwhelmed.

It wasn’t about getting to zero cases.

It wasn’t about getting to zero deaths.

It was about stopping the collapse of our healthcare system.

That has been achieved.

And just as importantly, the Canadian public is now quite aware of things like increased hand-washing, wearing masks, being careful in dealing with others, and keeping elderly and at-risk people safe.

Yet, despite all of this, the politicians are still unwilling to give up their power.

They seem addicted to it.

They seem obsessed with it.

Rather than emphasizing the fact that – in a free nation – individual responsibility and local community solidarity rather than government power is the way forward, they are instead continuing to exploit the crisis, talk-down to Canadians in an arrogant and condescending manner, treat us like children, dream up new punishments for people making their own choices, and acting as if they are our rulers, rather than public servants.

It’s time for politicians to begin unwinding their newfound power, and show that they actually believe in democracy and freedom.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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It appears that with all their agendas that the fear mongering and confusion is the most important part with each of these sometimes childish destructive agendas. End of the world, forced migrants, climate catastrophes, end of the world badly handled CCPvirus big killer plandemic (please remember SARS and H1N1 and the panic being stirred up by them then) but shut the countries down and the second wave will now be even worse so an election right now would be very hard so more billions to be borrowed???? Now we are all racists, so get rid of the police and prisons,… Read more »

Major Tom

Do you recall that former Honorary Professor at Peking University….the late The Honorable Maurice F. Strong PC CC OM FRSC FRAIC who chaired the 1993 UN’s Rio Summit who stated……”Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” Isn’t Trudeau doing just that?


Yes, and the plan seems to create as much new government debt as possible.
Trudeau doesnt care, he is serving the globalist masters, and this is what they want.

Rick Guyatt

Right on Spencer….BRAVO!!

Arie Intveld

Government only wields the power we bestow upon them. How ’bout we say HELL NO!?