BREAKING: Conservatives To Vote Against Trudeau Throne Speech

Conservatives rip speech, slam uncontrolled spending, centralization of control, and ‘Ottawa knows best’ attitude.

The Conservative Party of Canada will vote against Justin Trudeau’s far-left throne speech.

The Trudeau Liberals are pushing for massive spending, no control of deficits, rampant debt increases, and a laundry list of far-left buzzwords and pledges totally removed from reality.

Trudeau – who couldn’t even keep a promise to plant trees – now claims he can create 1 million jobs.

The Throne Speech also ignored the West, pushed a radical ‘climate agenda,’ and completely abandons any sense of fiscal sustainability.

Clearly, there is no way the Conservatives could support it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Garlet Farlett

IT’S NOT THE GOVERNMENTS JOB TO “CREATE” JOBS! Bugger off with the taxes and oppressive business climate then Canadian businesses … you know, ones that actually produce something.. can hire and CREATE REAL JOBS.

Let me guess, he’s gonna hire people to plant tress……. what an idiot.


Stop and think a second. No thought or intention of balancing a budget. With a balanced budget allowing for paying down a billion dollars a year, it would take over 1000 years to zero our debt. Canada won’t last as long as the Liberal debt and they don’t care.


Our country will implode and they know it but don’t care. Out with the old and in with the new world order.


This is exactly the plan. He serves his Lord Soros and the CCP.


good because us Canadians do not either !!!


Just fire this incompetent fool. Enough is enough!