After Announcing $400 Million More In Aid For Foreign Countries, Trudeau Liberals Betray Promise To End Boil Water Advisories On First Nations

How can the government take our money and give it to foreign countries while problems here at home go unsolved?

As you know, the Liberals recently announced $400 million in more foreign aid.

Trudeau promised the money while speaking to the United Nations, continuing his endless trend of giving your tax dollars away outside the country.

And, in a brutal contrast, at the same time as they announce the huge foreign aid surge, they’ve also announced that they will backtracking on their promise to end drinking water advisories on First Nations by 2021.

In Question Period, Conservative MP Gary Vidal confronted Trudeau about it:

“Earlier this week CBC reported the Liberals are no longer planning to meet the 2021 target to eliminate long-term drinking water advisories on FNs

Today I asked if not 2021, when?

Instead of answering – @JustinTrudeau attacked the idea of setting a target.

Very disappointing.”

This sums the Liberals up perfectly:

Betray a promise to Canadian Citizens.

Attack those who point out that betrayal.

Give money to foreign countries.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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More and more people believe the lieberals have pocketed the money they have borrowed on our countries grandchildren and unborn future children and put our money and debt in their offshore accounts where they will believe themselves to be safe, and that we have had our country sold out from under foot. So no help to the Indigenous needing clean water? Isn’t it the UN where Trudeau tried to dump their problems and blame us as racists, actually I was surprised that they helped any Canadians at all with their mass borrowing, and no budget big give away’s around the… Read more »


Key word there Spencer is “betray”, which is synonomous with trudeau & his nest of rats. Shared.


This man, Trudeau, is a criminal. The $400 million in foreign aid is actually a heist by the Liberals and foreign collaborators. Conservatives must call for an investigation. Is there an organization that can be trusted to investigate Trudeau and his people? Is Singh going along with this Trudeau embezzlement of our treasury while FN peoples must boil their water? Is anyone else hoping for a military coup in Canada to stop this narcissist maniac?

Beverley Campbell

You were expecting, perhaps, that Trudeau was going to stand by one of his promises? As an over 80 I am still waiting for the extra (paltry) raise on my OAP cheque that he promised in the run-up to the 2019 election, Bah, Humbug.

Arie Intveld

Surely nobody believes that the 100’s of million of dollars ($$$) that Trudeau keeps on funneling to the United Nations will ever help the people for whom Trudeau claims it will help. The UN is broke and Canadian taxpayers are but one of many “ATMs” for the UN. Canadians are literally financing their own (and everyone else’s) misery. As for Indigenous Peoples, the UN socialist machine has ZERO use for them. UNDRIP is a vacuous, insincere Hallmark sentiment card which actually enshrines Indigenous Peoples as being a “special needs case” and to get everyone to STFU up about them. DO… Read more »


The United Nations are corrupt and if our government weren’t also corrupt we’d have pulled out.

Major Tom

Foreign aid = re-distribution of wealth = Communism! There it is!


Whos getting this $400M foreign aid ?
Whats it to be used for ?

Just a few weeks ago, there was $12M, for feminist training in Haiti !
What a waste. People in Haiti need housing, food and medicine, not feminist flim-flam, which does NOTHING for the people. Except greasing a few NGOs.