After Announcing $400 Million More In Aid For Foreign Countries, Trudeau Liberals Betray Promise To End Boil Water Advisories On First Nations

How can the government take our money and give it to foreign countries while problems here at home go unsolved?

As you know, the Liberals recently announced $400 million in more foreign aid.

Trudeau promised the money while speaking to the United Nations, continuing his endless trend of giving your tax dollars away outside the country.

And, in a brutal contrast, at the same time as they announce the huge foreign aid surge, they’ve also announced that they will backtracking on their promise to end drinking water advisories on First Nations by 2021.

In Question Period, Conservative MP Gary Vidal confronted Trudeau about it:

“Earlier this week CBC reported the Liberals are no longer planning to meet the 2021 target to eliminate long-term drinking water advisories on FNs

Today I asked if not 2021, when?

Instead of answering – @JustinTrudeau attacked the idea of setting a target.

Very disappointing.”

This sums the Liberals up perfectly:

Betray a promise to Canadian Citizens.

Attack those who point out that betrayal.

Give money to foreign countries.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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