Jagmeet Singh’s Incompetence Puts Canada’s Democracy At Risk

His inability to lead the NDP makes them so weak that the Liberals can get away with anything.

Call it the coalition of desperation.

Jagmeet Singh’s inability to lead the NDP, as can be seen in the loss of about half their seats in 2019 (despite Justin Trudeau becoming less and less popular), their inability to raise money, and their complete unpreparedness for an election has led to a de facto Liberal-NDP coalition.

While Jagmeet Singh claims he’s ‘helping people,’ by propping up the Liberals, in reality all he is doing is trying to help himself.

The Liberals made it possible for Jagmeet Singh to claim a ‘win’ on legislative changes, but the fact is he simply can’t force an election without risking the demolition of the NDP.

He is being outflanked rhetorically on the left by Trudeau, and under Erin O’Toole, the Conservatives are moving in a more pro-worker, populist direction, giving them the chance to win the support of some traditional past NDP voters.

And in Quebec, past NDP support is gone, scooped up by the Liberals and the Bloc.

In short, Jagmeet Singh’s failures are giving Justin Trudeau the majority that Canadians explicitly denied him in 2019.

Worse, this now gives Trudeau a blank cheque.

Notably, the NDP often strongly criticizes Trudeau, calls him dishonest, talks about the corruption under his watch, and then turns around and supports him.

The NDP is now a weak offshoot of the Liberals, serving to keep them in power no matter what the Liberals do.

This is putting Canada’s democracy at risk.

Despite all the corruption, all the lies, and all the failures, and despite losing tons of support in 2019, Trudeau and the Liberals now in effect have a majority, and Jagmeet Singh has robbed Canadians of our ability to hold the government accountable.

While Trudeau benefits from Singh’s incompetence, Canada suffers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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