Jagmeet Singh’s Incompetence Puts Canada’s Democracy At Risk

His inability to lead the NDP makes them so weak that the Liberals can get away with anything.

Call it the coalition of desperation.

Jagmeet Singh’s inability to lead the NDP, as can be seen in the loss of about half their seats in 2019 (despite Justin Trudeau becoming less and less popular), their inability to raise money, and their complete unpreparedness for an election has led to a de facto Liberal-NDP coalition.

While Jagmeet Singh claims he’s ‘helping people,’ by propping up the Liberals, in reality all he is doing is trying to help himself.

The Liberals made it possible for Jagmeet Singh to claim a ‘win’ on legislative changes, but the fact is he simply can’t force an election without risking the demolition of the NDP.

He is being outflanked rhetorically on the left by Trudeau, and under Erin O’Toole, the Conservatives are moving in a more pro-worker, populist direction, giving them the chance to win the support of some traditional past NDP voters.

And in Quebec, past NDP support is gone, scooped up by the Liberals and the Bloc.

In short, Jagmeet Singh’s failures are giving Justin Trudeau the majority that Canadians explicitly denied him in 2019.

Worse, this now gives Trudeau a blank cheque.

Notably, the NDP often strongly criticizes Trudeau, calls him dishonest, talks about the corruption under his watch, and then turns around and supports him.

The NDP is now a weak offshoot of the Liberals, serving to keep them in power no matter what the Liberals do.

This is putting Canada’s democracy at risk.

Despite all the corruption, all the lies, and all the failures, and despite losing tons of support in 2019, Trudeau and the Liberals now in effect have a majority, and Jagmeet Singh has robbed Canadians of our ability to hold the government accountable.

While Trudeau benefits from Singh’s incompetence, Canada suffers.

Spencer Fernando

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Singh clearly and repeatedly stated he would NEVER work with or support the Conservatives. That tells me Singh hates Conservatives and the Conservative Party. Did he make a deal with Trudeau years ago? My NDP MP won’t even respond to my e-mails. Arrogant jerk.


Canada is finished because of this Singh guy.

brian rushfeldt

no he is not incompetent – he has a very dangerous agenda and is playing it out due to trudeau.


We are certainly witnessing the imperfections (gross understatement) of a parliamentary democracy these past 5 years. Between Trudeau and the unholy alliance with Singh, they might be on the cusp of collapsing a once great country; a former success story. The vultures in the globalist cabal including China, parts of the EU, parts of the US, the Middle East, Russia are all hovering to pick the Canadian carcass clean. All because of Trudeau, aided and abetted by Singh.


I would also include the U.N. as part of the cabal. These people/organizations are actively working against us and will stop at nothing to fulfill their warped Agenda.


Singh’s incompetence yes, but always remind the readers theat Singhs incompetence is coupled with Justin Trudeaus Criminal Corruption, and incompetence, and then there is Elizabeth Mays aiding and abetting the corruption, hanging in there. She is hoping Justin will appoint her to the Supreme court . You aint seen anything that corrupt yet.
Just wait and see.

Richard Guyatt

Has she ever passed a bar (hiccup, burp) in her lifetime??

very old white guy

Over 65% of Canadians are socialists and vote the socialist line. The Greens are communists, the NDP are communist, the Liberals are socialists, the Conservatives are socialist lite. The blockheads will vote with the liberals most of the time. Canada’s “democracy” has been broken from some time now, take from an old man who has watched the demise of freedom and democracy in Canada for decades.


This is why two looser/Minority Governments, do not make it right!!! Kick them both out of Government corruption and traitors to Canada both of them!!!


Remember . . . Canada’s Lyin FakeStream Media & clueless voters got us to where we are today . . . Canada may NEVER recover from another 3 years of Jagmeet & Turdo!


Proves neither of these parties have Canada’s best interest as their goal. It’s what their country can do for them that they’re only concerned with.

Paul Darcy

I think he’s afraid of Trudeau, tuck your tail between your legs hahaha


putting Canada‚Äôs democracy at risk. Isn’t that the point?