REPORT: Liberal Government Stopping Provinces From Buying Rapid Virus Tests

Manitoba wanted to purchase the tests, but the Liberal government is blocking them.

While Canadians seek access to rapid CCP Virus testing, the Liberal government is blocking provinces from getting those tests.

According to a CP report, Manitoba is trying to purchase the tests, but the Liberal government won’t allow them:

“Central Services Minister Reg Helwer says Ottawa is forbidding Abbott Laboratories from selling its new ID Now tests directly to the provinces.

He says the federal government is insisting on controlling the supply and allocating shipments to the provinces.

Health Canada recently approved the ID Now tests, which deliver results in about 15 minutes without having to send the specimen to a lab for processing.”

This sadly isn’t a surprise.

Throughout the CCP Virus Crisis, the Liberal government has been obsessed with centralizing control, with their lust for power only matched by their incompetence.

Patty Hajdu has been wrong over and over again, reversed herself on every key virus issue, and is clearly totally in over her head trying to manage things.

We remember how – when the virus was increasingly entering the country – the Liberals claimed they were screening at airports, only for the provinces to reveal that no screening was happening and having to pick up the slack with provincial officials.

And as we know, tons of infected people have been let into the country at our airports, showing ongoing federal government incompetence.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube