Greens Play Race Card, Demand NDP Drop Candidate Against New Leader

The divisive left never misses a chance to spread further division.

One day after the Green Party picked new leader Annamie Paul, former Green Party leader Elizabeth May is playing the race card, demanding that the NDP drop their candidate in the upcoming Toronto Centre byelection.

The seat was vacated by former Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

May didn’t hesitate to start dividing by race immediately:

“I’d like New Democrats to reach out to him and say, ‘How classy is it to try to block the entry to the House of Commons of the first Black woman leader of a federal political party?’ Consider what Rosemary Brown would think.”

All the other parties have said they will run a candidate, which makes sense considering that the new Green leader has almost no chance of winning.

In fact, Annamie Paul ran in Toronto Centre in 2019, winning just 7%. The Liberals won 57%, while the NDP had 22%.

The fact is, despite endless propping up from the left-wing media, the Greens are a deeply unpopular party, struggle to win almost anywhere in the country, and are far to the left of most Canadians.

They remain a fringe party.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Alex Vorobej

I’m sorry, but I want members to stand on their own merrit. Getting fast tracked to a seat in the House of Commons, is not how to gain popularity. Using race as a means…. How about equality for all? You either have the ability to win a seat, or you don’t.


I think that if Canadians started to pay attention to what is happening the world over they would realize that all the far left parties are for one world communism with the CCP run UN controlling all of us and this will happen much faster once the USA is Democrat run again. Yes all these parties should be considered fringe parties, if you love your country. Please Americans vote for Pres. Trump and maybe Canada can survive if we open our eyes soon enough.

Marian Joudoin

Is this a Peter Pan movie??
Parties are becoming more Bazaar than ever. Canada deserves better.


If the Greens are pulling the race card because they àre worried about loosing a seat in the Toronto riding. Well may be the out going leader should put her money where her loyalty lies and give the new leader her seat and step down.

james isnor

I actually listened to Ian H. interview Elizabeth on Canada’s CBC radio yesterday. I don’t know which was worse hearing her praise the PM for his transparency etc. or the softball questions the screened listeners were vetted to lob her.

Gee Bee

The political class cannot help showing off their arrogance and their infidelity to the very process that actually gets them into power by way of the vote of the people they are to represent. Elizabeth May shows no integrity, understanding, conscience or boundaries. She is led only by her creed and is able to justify political ends by any means possible. Fortunately, she is now irrelevant to our Canada.
Yes, Wake up Canadians!!

Rob Gillespie

This is actually quite fine with me. Two groups of left wing morons fighting with each other. Go for it!


Yes, two groups of left wing morons who shouldn’t even exist in our Government!!