Liberals Bringing Back Immigration Lottery

And they’ll be rapidly increasing the numbers.

The Liberal government is bringing back the immigration lottery program.

The lottery will be used for those who sponsor their parents and grandparents to enter the country.

That program had been delayed by the CCP Virus Crisis, and as the government sought to ‘revamp’ the program.

It will be turned from a first-come, first-serve system into a lottery.

10,000 applications will be allowed this year, but the Liberals will dramatically increase that to 30,000 next year.

This shows that – even as Canada’s economy suffers with high unemployment, lost wages, and negative growth – the Liberals plan to increase immigration levels, increasing the use of our already-struggling social programs.

Additionally, the Liberals have made clear they will be returning to record-high immigration levels, which will mean already struggling Canadian workers will have even more more competition for wages, something that will benefit big corporations but will hurt the majority of the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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.How the hell can that idiot Trudeau keep calling the tune in a MINORITY
government ? It’s TOTALLY outrageous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The other 3 partys let him. None of them are worthy of their seats.


Because he’s solidly backed, heavily connected, and too well-protected for the masses to make so much as a dent. He didn’t spend the off-years facing the mainstream media for nothing.


I still actually believe strongly that Canada is being made much worse with immigration I believe Canada should keep its population below 30 million so we do not destroy the environment, destroys our unity and prosperity, destroyed our education system and health care, destroys our law and order and our governments and stops our own progress. I for one am very tired of listening to new comers once they have their Canadian citizenship running our country down while telling me and others how much better their country was and how we should all change to be like that and that… Read more »


I totally agree & with Trudeau it’s always in greater numbers than what is suggested as feasible. It’s especially ridiculous during this time of COVID hysteria and the cost to our economy. I beleive he’s immigrating votes.


This government is doing everything to sink our economy and provide division at the same time. There are no words to describe deviousness of these people!

Helmut Beintner

Anybody in a foreign Country (far from Canada) would like to sponsor Trudeau into their country.( FREE shipping included)


And still the stupid Albertans won’t separate! They are almost out of time before they are a minority in their own country. Turdeaus master; George Soros laughs at each and every brain-dead Canadian. Canadians are the only people on Earth who are dumber than the Swedes.