Liberal-NDP Coalition Passes Throne Speech

Conservatives, Bloc, and Greens vote against it.

The Throne Speech has passed in the House of Commons.

The NDP voted with the Liberals, entrenching the Liberal-NDP Coalition that nobody campaigned for.

With 177 votes for, and 152 against, the Throne Speech was approved, despite the opposition of the Conservatives, Bloc, and the Greens.

The Greens, under new Leader Annamie Paul, opposed the speech on the basis of the Liberals not helping Canadians living in long-term care.

The Greens also want a guaranteed income, which the Throne Speech did not contain.

With the Conservatives and Bloc both having made it clear that they would oppose the speech, that left the NDP as the Liberals only lifeline.

With the NDP severely weakened due Jagmeet Singh’s incompetent leadership, Canada now has a coalition of the Corrupt (the Liberals) and the Weak (the NDP).

And that’s bad news for our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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NDP blackmail works, and of course, Trudeau happily pays, because he thinks it’s his money, not ours. He will pay and pay and pay. Oops, correction – We will pay and pay and pay.


How do we get rid of this corrupt government? Accoding to after Colombia, Spain & Greece, Canada has the highest unemployment rate in the world. That isn’t stopping Trudeau from sqaunderingn our tax $.


Disgusting. Turd-o and NDP just makes me want to puke.